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Inovar, Inc. Chooses Juki Again The Utah-based EMS Provider Placed an Order for Three KE-1080ENs for Its Growing Business

Jan 28, 2013

Craig Rupp, President of Inovar, Inc.

Craig Rupp, President of Inovar, Inc.

 Juki Automation Systems, a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems and part of Juki Corporation, announces that Inovar, Inc., a long-time Juki customer, recently purchased three KE-1080EN High-Speed Flexible Mounters. A premier contract electronics manufacturer (CEM), Inovar uses Juki equipment throughout its state-of-the-art facility in Logan, UT.

“Inovar has enjoyed an excellent partnership with Juki for many years. In this partnership, Inovar has found that the Juki pick-and-place equipment is tuned very well to the mix of business that we do. The purchase of our new Juki machines helps us to continually drive to exceed our customer expectations of quality and on-time delivery,” said Craig Rupp, President of Inovar, Inc. 

Juki has been the placement equipment of choice for Inovar since the company was founded in 1998.  The modular design of the Juki machines makes it easy to expand or rearrange existing lines to meet the demands of a changing market. The purchase of the three new Juki KE-1080EN machines provides Inovar with more capacity and capability for its growing business.

Juki President Bob Black commented, “We at Juki are proud that Inovar has chosen to continue to rely on us to supply its placement equipment needs.  The dramatic growth and success that Inovar has shown over the last 15 years is clear evidence of good management and high-quality manufacturing.

With powerful line optimization software and rugged trolley carts, changeover is quick and easy with the KE-1080. The system is compatible with all current Juki feeders and trolleys, resulting in seamless installations into existing Juki lines. The auto-pick correction feature minimizes setup time and ensures accurate picking of even the smallest components, as well as a “BGA” auto-teach feature that allows the operator to automatically “learn” the ball or lead pattern on BGAs and QFPs. Additionally, for the best results in repeatability, accuracy and reliability, all Juki machines use the LNC60 optical centering laser that is built into the head to easily measure components while moving from the pick to the placement site.

The KE-1080 features a five-nozzle head to handle large parts and uses a tri-colored advanced vision system for accurate placement of fine-pitch ICs, connectors and odd-shaped components. Additionally, the KE-1080 has an IPC9850 rated speed of 14,100 CPH for chips, and 3,400 CPH for IC components when using the advanced lighting system. The effective component placement range for the KE-1080 is 01005 (0402 metric) to 74mm2 or 50 x 150 mm.

Inovar Inc. is a premier EMS provider, dedicated to providing the highest quality and dependable service to the most demanding markets including military/aerospace, medical, communications and automation. Dedication and commitment to quality are key aspects of Inovar’s culture. Through a customer-focused business model, Inovar provides its customers with responsive and scalable manufacturing and supply chain solutions. For more information about Inovar Inc., visit

For more information about Juki’s KE-1080EN High-Speed Flexible Mounter, visit

Juki, a global leader in high-speed SMT Assembly equipment, has shipped more than 25,000 machines worldwide since 1987.  Juki has built its global image with a combination of top-quality and high-reliability machines with a reputation for world-class service and support that result in the lowest production costs for its customers.  The pioneer of the modular assembly system in 1993, Juki offers flexible solutions designed for both high-volume and high mix environments.   

Additionally, Juki Americas offers selective solder and stamp soldering machines backed by the largest field service group in the industry. The company recently introduced a complete line solution to include screen printers, reflow ovens and wave solder systems.

For more information, visit

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