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MAZeT Trade Fair Review 2012

Jan 24, 2013

By attending trade fairs, MAZeT - a leading provider of Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services - used 2012 to boost its profile as a provider of electronic development and production for embedded systems, opto-ASICs and spectral sensors for LED light in the selected target markets. The number and localization of the events attended highlight this.
embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany, in February 2012

After a two-year break, MAZeT took part in embedded world in Nuremberg again in 2012. The focus of the trade fair attendance was customer-specific embedded computing solutions for medical equipment, customer-specific opto-ASICs for industrial, photometric and medical applications, and standard components for spectral and color sensor technology.
Light & Building in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany, in April 2012

The focus of the attendance at Light & Building was presenting the demonstrator for a controlled LED white-light bulb that can be used to shift color temperature along Planck's radiation curve. The bulb was developed for a client of MAZeT GmbH. The demonstrator shows the potential offered by the JENCOLOR technology for the development and production of high-quality LED bulbs.
LIGHTFAIR in Las Vegas, United States, in May 2012

MAZeT took part in LIGHTFAIR 2012 in Las Vegas as a partner to AVNET USA (Video on YouTube). The products and solutions presented for the chromaticity coordinate stabilization of LED bulbs generated great interest among US bulb manufacturers. Many new contacts were made and existing business relationships maintained. The attendance at the trade fair highlighted the goal of MAZeT GmbH to expand its business with JENCOLOR products to international specialist markets.
SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg, Germany, in May 2012

SENSOR+TEST is MAZeT GmbH's main trade fair for presenting products and services in the field of optoelectronics. With its focus on LED light, colorimetry and analytics, MAZeT presented user solutions created using true color and multispectral sensors. Parallel to this, MAZeT presented a screencast on the subject of "LED light that is temperature-stable and stable over the long-term", in which interested clients were advised on existing problems and reference solutions by MAZeT (Video on YouTube).
At SENSOR+TEST, MAZeT presented the true-color color sensors in the new QFN16 package for the first time. The package was specially developed for tristimulus sensors. The higher MSL level broadens the application possibilities of the sensor, particularly for LED light applications.

LpS 2012 - LED professional Symposium in Bregenz, Austria, in September 2012

MAZeT attended LpS 2012 - LED professional Symposium in Bregenz/Austria independently for the first time. The talk by Fredrik Hailer on the subject of RGBW LED light, "Optimization of absolute accuracy of true color sensors in a closed control loop of multicolored LED lamps", emphasized the MAZeT expertise in the field of LED light chromaticity coordinate stabilization. As an exhibitor, MAZeT displayed applications of JENCOLOR products for colorimetry and LED light control.
The lecture is available at

Outlook 2013

MAZeT will be taking part in the following trade fairs in 2013:

  • embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany, from 26 to 28 February 2013 (
  • LIGHTFAIR Philadelphia, United States, from 23 to 25 April 2013 (
  • Sensor+Test in Nuremberg, Germany, from 14 to 16 May 2013 (

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