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Fuji Expands Printer Line-up with NXTP-M35

Jan 22, 2013



Fuji has released the NXTP M35 printer, which expands the supported panel size of this printer series to 350 x 300 mm (13.7 x 11.8 inches). The latest addition to the Fuji line-up has all the benefits of the previously released NXTP M25, but with a wider body for handling medium sized panels.

Available in both single and double conveyor specifications, the NXTP M35 offers superb performance for the production of automotive and tablet panels. Fuji has used its years of manufacturing experience and world-class robot technology to ensure that this printer achieves astounding real throughput while maintaining excellent print accuracy. When combined with Fuji’s industry leading mounters, you get maximum line productivity and superb quality on a single platform.

High speed production isn’t just about the printing operation, changeover work is also a vital factor. The conveyor arrangement and one-sided operation of the NXTP series means that changeover work for one lane can be performed without interrupting production at the other lane. Also, with job changeover possible simply by scanning a barcode, getting ready for the next production couldn’t be easier.

Features that ensure print quality high enough for the latest manufacturing demands include vacuum for holding down the stencil during printing and snap-off, an easily adjustable squeegee angle, a low impact clamping mechanism, and solder roll control to prevent air bubbles. Alignment accuracy is ±10 um, which is suitable for the production of parts as small as 0402 mm (01005”).

Various line configurations are possible with the NXTP. As well as a single printer line, printers can be arranged next to each other or even back-to-back in combination with Fuji’s All-in-one AIMEX IIS mounter to create a dual lane line capable of independent production in each lane.

The NXTP series features an intuitive touch-screen operation panel which makes setup and operation easy. Jobs and settings can also be specified in the same Fuji Flexa software that is used to manage other Fuji machines. Furthermore, there is a function for verifying that the correct materials are being used at the machine, as well as an automatic solder supply unit and cleaning mechanism that delivers cleaning agent to the necessary area only.

Fast, accurate, easy to use, and now with the ability to support larger panel sizes, Fuji’s printer range can help you achieve new levels of productivity in a wide range of production environments. Check out the Fuji website ( for more details.

*Some of the features mentioned above are options.

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