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Datest Employees Achieve PRO-STD-001 Certification

Jan 18, 2013

 Datest, a recognized leader in PCBA testing, test engineering, and inspection services, announces that eight of its employees have successfully achieved PRO-STD-001 certification, following a comprehensive counterfeit component detection course and a test of the material presented. 

The PRO-STD-001 certification course and test are designed to train and educate the Military, DoD, OEM, Medical, and EMS sectors in the detection and mitigation of fraudulent or counterfeit components upon their receipt from suspect sources. Datest participants learned and successfully demonstrated awareness of, if not proficiency in, the following areas of knowledge:

1. Learning counterfeit component definitions in accordance with SAE AS 5553, the governing standard for counterfeit component avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition
2. Awareness of major military systems compromised by unknowingly installing counterfeit electronic replacement parts
3. Knowledge of basic visual counterfeit checkpoints
4. Review of wire bond deformities in counterfeit ICs
5. Review the importance of developing and implementing a robust counterfeit component detection procedure
6. Developing a screening process for parts using visual inspection, testing, X-ray inspection, X-ray fluorescence and other means
7. Applicability and relative effectiveness of the various testing methods
8. Supplier audit and qualification requirements
9. Constructing and implementing an in-house detection, inspection and prevention program
10. Supplier flow-down requirements per the SAE AS 5553 Standard
11. Disposition of counterfeit components, their impounding, as well as database reporting and management
12. Inspection checklists, including a list of current and typical detection points, referenced as counterfeit component indicators
13. Pertinent Federal Law, especially the recently signed DoD Law, HR1540, Section 818
14. Military repair depot protocols for the installation of replacement parts ordered from non-franchised unauthorized component suppliers (“brokers” or “independent distributors”)

The PRO-STD-001 course at Datest was taught by Rick Stanton, President of Proskill Consulting and Training Group based in Melbourne, FL. Commenting on Datest’s willingness to undertake such training, Stanton noted, “The diligence and dedication demonstrated by the team at Datest while undergoing the PRO-STD-001 Counterfeit Component Detection and Prevention course was outstanding. Their attitude, concern and fortitude towards intercepting counterfeit material for their customers is highly commendable.  I feel Datest will far surpass any third-party test facility when it comes to the detection and prevention of counterfeit components.”

Robert Boguski, President of Datest, and an active participant in the PRO-STD-001 course, observed, “This training recognizes the complementarity of Datest’s time-honored testing and test engineering skills with the growing need for counterfeit component detection services. Rick Stanton of Proskill brings the right background to the task, and Datest offers fertile ground to apply these new skills to a broad swathe of our industry needing urgent assistance with counterfeit and fraudulent part mitigation. The timing of this course for us could not have been better, and it caps a natural progression in adding PRO-STD-001 certification to our services that we have been anticipating for some time.  From this comprehensive training we are pleased to offer an additional opportunity to be of service to our industry in addressing, and combating, this growing problem.”

Datest is an ISO9001 and AS9100C-certified, ITAR-registered provider of advanced, integrated PCBA testing and inspection services to the CM/EMS and OEM communities since 1984.  Datest features in-circuit testing and test engineering development for all major platforms as well as flying probe testing, boundary scan testing, functional testing, and four kinds of x-ray inspection (2D, 3D, CT-Scan, and AXI).  Datest also offers a wide variety of engineering and value-added services, including failure analysis, “bonepile” rehabilitation, and Blackfox training programs.  Datest also proudly introduces counterfeit component detection services, consistent with SAE AS 5553 and PRO-STD-001.  For more information about Datest, please visit or call 510-490-4600.

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