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SMART Group to Present Contamination Webinar as Part of smart-e-webinar Series

Nov 12, 2012

HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS, UK — November 2012 — SMART Group, Europe’s largest technical trade association focusing on surface mount and related technologies, announces that it will present the Contamination Testing Methods for Printed Boards & Assemblies webinar on Tuesday, November 13 at 2:30 p.m.

The majority of the industry has been running no-clean processes for many years and, therefore, often neglects important issues such as design for cleaning, selecting compatible components and compatibility between cleaning materials and flux residues. With increased miniaturization, coating and the demands of modern circuits, cleaning has become a concern again. This webinar will present contamination test methods that address the need to monitor production and qualify both materials and processes.

The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes (plus Q&A session) and will cover the following topics: testing boards, components and assemblies; international specifications and reference books; ionic testing & non-ionic testing; surface insulation measurement; ion chromatography (IC) test techniques; shop floor test methods; testing frequency during PCB fabrication and assembly; and cleanliness failure types.

The SMART Group’s Web-based seminars represent an efficient way to develop practical knowledge, delivering expert advice and guidance to attendees without leaving the workplace. Simple webinars offer a low cost and time efficient training option. SMART Group offers a range of smart-e-webinars to complement its existing hands-on and theory training to companies in the electronics industry. SMART has always been innovative and keen to provide different types of education and support to the industry. smart-e-webinars are ideal learning opportunities for individuals or groups of engineers and will be presented by leading engineers in the electronics industry. Each session lasts between 60-90 minutes and provides a cost-effective alternative to existing educational events without the hassle of travel. To participate in a smart-e-webinar, all you need is broadband Internet connection, PC and headset microphone/headphones. Alternatively, groups in a conference room may use a PC with speakers, broadband connection and projector with a conference microphone.

Attendees will receive a free set of cleaning inspection and quality control wall charts that also cover defects seen during assembly. The fee is £65. For more general and booking information, visit, contact Tony Gordon at 44 (0)1494 465217 or e-mail


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