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IPC and SMTA Announce Session 5 Agenda for High-Rel Cleaning and Coating Conference

Nov 02, 2012

 Industry-leading associations IPC and SMTA jointly announce the agenda for Session 5 of the High-Reliability Cleaning and Coating Conference, scheduled to take place November 13-15, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – O’Hare in Chicago, IL.  The conference is intensely focused on electronic assembly reliability, and the influence of cleaning and coating upon producing reliable hardware.

Electronics Assembly, PCB Failure Mechanisms & Reliability are difficult issues due to environmental effects, electric field, the move to lead-free soldering, surface contamination and bottom termination components within high dense platforms. Highly dense interconnects drive more performance in smaller platforms. Most associate failure mechanisms with assembly residues.

This session reaches outside of assembly residue failures and addresses failures due to ionic contamination and tin whiskers, creep corrosion, conformal coating over residues, combinations of different soldering materials used to build assemblies, and residues trapped under bottom termination components. This session is closely related to Designing for Reliability.

Dave Hillman of Rockwell Collins will chair this session. The speakers and topics are as follows:

1. Influence of Ionic Contamination and Tin Whiskers – Stephan Meschter, Ph.D., BAE Systems & Polina Snugovsky, Ph.D., Celestica. 
2. Creep Corrosion of PCB Assemblies: Effects of Surface Contamination – Liang Yin, Universal Instruments.
3. How Conformal Coating Can Kill, Craig Hillman, Ph.D., DfR Solutions.
4. Electrical Reliability of Combinations of Solder Paste, Wave Soldering Flux and Conformal Coatings – Westin Bent, Cookson Electronics.
5. Case Studies on Reliability from Poor QFN Cleaning Practices, Eric Camden, Foresite Labs

To advance your understanding of PCB Failure Mechanisms and Reliability, plan to attend the Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference. For more information about the conference, visit The technical program for the conference is available at

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