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Preview for the print media for Seica SpA for Electronica, Munich, November 13 – 16 2012, Hall A1, Booth 459, New Munich Trade Fair

Oct 08, 2012

COMPACT systems

COMPACT systems

Once again, Seica has great news this year for visitors at Electronica.  For the first time the complete COMPACT line of in-circuit and functional testers, including 6 different models, will be on display. Like all of Seica’s solutions, this line is based on the core software/hardware VIP platform, but is specialized for multiple applications, with specific reference to the automotive industry.  It includes systems dedicated to in-circuit test, on-board programming of digital devices, functional and end-of-line board testing (EOL), with manual or fully automated UUT loading/downloading.

Visitors will be able to view a wide range of application solutions on the different systems, including test fixtures and programs implemented in VIVA software and NI Labview/TestStand*, which is 100% compatible with the COMPACT systems’ hardware architecture. This is a unique opportunity for a closer look and a hands-on experience of Seica’s capabilities of specializing ATE according to the client needs and requirements, while maintaining the compatibility of fixtures and programs across the entire system range. This is in full compliance with the lean production guidelines typical of the WCM standard, widely used in different sectors of today’s global industrial production environments.

Pilot V8 Flying Probe System

In addition to the COMPACT line, Seica will be showing the Pilot V8 flying prober.  The Pilot V8 flying prober is the ultimate in flying probe technology.  It is equipped with 8 mobile probes on both sides, and is able to deploy 12 different test techniques, ranging from ICT to functional test, boundary scan, optical inspection and thermal scan of components.  It offers a complete platform for production testing, as well as repair and reverse engineering of electronic boards.  Its vertical architecture is the only one which enables true simultaneous, “double side” testing, reliably and accurately, which makes the Pilot V8  the only flying prober capable of doubling test throughput with respect to standard systems, testing 2 identical UUTs simultaneously with a single test program. The “automated” version of the Pilot V8 can operate in full operator-free mode, because of the loading/downloading module which is capable of handling up to 600 different board types.

Seica was founded in 1986, Seica S.p.A. is a global supplier of automatic test equipment and selective soldering systems, with an installed base of more than a thousand systems on four different continents. Seica offers a complete line of test solutions, including bed of nails and flying probe testers, able to perform MDA, in-circuit and full functional tests of assembled electronic boards and modules, and printed circuit boards, as well as laser-based selective soldering systems for electronic board manufacturing. Company headquarters are located in Strambino, Italy, with direct offices in France, the United States, Germany and China, supported by a vast distribution network covering the rest of the world.

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