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News from Debuts SolderLab ROI Calculator for Rework and Repairs

Aug 21, 2012, an independent solder analysis lab, introduces the SolderLab ROI Calculator - Cost of Rework Calculator. As the name implies, the ROI Calculator determines the cost of performing rework and repairs associated with solder contamination in wave solder operations.

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To use the calculator, simply input the required data for shifts, days and working weeks per year. Using your own labor rates, the calculator will then determine the amount of defects and ultimately, the cost of such defects. The annual savings provided by reduced rework incidents when using the service has shown meaningful reductions in rework expenses. The return on investment for the SolderLab PotWatch service often is met in just weeks.

Impurities and base metal contaminants leached from circuit boards, component finishes, base metals or solder pot degradation will alter the alloy composition of the solder pot. If left unchecked, these impurities can cause wave solder-related defects. Regular solder pot testing has shown to help many companies remain compliant with customer and ISO standards. Testing often enables faster shipment of high quality products without the revealing signs of rework.

Find out how much you can save by downloading the Cost of Rework Calculator now. For more information about’s ROI Calculator, visit is an independent solder analysis lab based in San Diego, CA, serving the electronics industry. The company provides solder analysis of wave solder machines and solder pots, and tests for impurities based on J-STD-001E for most tin and lead based alloys. For more information, visit

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