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Electronics Manufacturers to Gather in Shenzhen With Numerous Exhibits Targeted at the Industry Hotspots

Aug 20, 2012

NEPCON South China 2012 will take place between August 28 and August 30, 2012 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, with the aim to meet the application demands from some hotspot industries such as consumer electronics, home appliances, computers, communication, LED, automotive electronics, medical electronics, etc.

Numerous well-known manufacturers from both home and abroad will be present with their new products, providing a comprehensive showing of the latest electronics production equipment products and technologies.

The exhibition will cover the entire industrial chain of the electronics manufacturing industry, including SMT, electronics manufacturing services, products for testing and measuring, devices, printed circuit boards, electro-static discharge (ESD), as well as the newest high-technology innovative “one-stop” solution.

What attracts industry insiders the most are the “soon-to-be-unveiled” exhibits. With the exhibition quickly approaching, we have selected some products for an advance preview:
Fuji: Miniature and High-performance Screen Printer
FUJI MACHINE MFG. CO., LTD. will exhibit the NXTTP-M35, a miniature and high-performance screen printer. Length: 750mm, depth: 1420mm, the maximum size of circuit board: 350mm×300mm.

Floor space can be economized through a back-to-back production line. Additionally, by using printing channels, delivery channels and other unique replacing mechanisms, two printers can be connected to conduct the same or different types of circuit board production.
Samsung Techwin: High-speed Chip Mounter
EXCEN is a high-speed chip mounter newly introduced by Samsung Techwin. It is 1.25m long and has four rotatable heads. The speed can be as high as 120,000CPH. It can minimize the defective rate through the monitoring function (before/after the mounting) or conduct nonstop production through front/back separate operation.

Additionally, it is the first in the industry to adopt automatic feeding and automatic taking.

OMRON: Dual-lane AOI Machine on Z/S Position
For more than 10 years, OMRON AOI has contributed market-leading inspection solutions to the China SMT market. Now it presents the new dual-lane AOI machine on Z/S position with a ground-breaking built-in inspection method. The machine can study PCB information automatically and complete the programming by itself. With S500D inline, the production line not only can start up rapidly and keep high stability, but it also can provide 2-3X the inspection speed of previous machines to coordinate with high-speed production lines.

 JUKI: High-speed Placement Machine KE-3020V/3020VR
KE-3020V/3020VR places a wide range of component types. By using high-speed, on-the-fly vision centering, this machine increases the IC component placement speed by 63 percent compared to previous models. Both these placement machines accept electric and mechanical tape feeders to flexibly respond to the diversified demands of customers.

ASM:SIPLACE DX Placement Platform
Specially designed to meet the needs of Asian electronics manufacturers, the SIPLACE DX delivers outstanding performance per floor space unit thanks to its many high-end features while being robust, easy to maintain and affordable.
Featuring powerful upgrades such as high-resolution cameras and component sensors as well as an improved changeover table and enlarged station monitors for a more convenient way to handle the SIPLACE GUI, the new SIPLACE D-Series boasts the highest production quality in its segment, while its excellent dpm rates reduce quality costs. Capable of handling 01005 components, the New SIPLACE D4 can handle products such as smart phones and modules, which generally consist of many 01005 components.

Assembléon:iFlex New Pick & Place Solution
Assembléon introduces iFlex, a new pick & place solution that improves productivity by 30 percent. Available in three types (T4, T2 and H1), iFlex combines smart hardware and software features in a fully modular solution. iFlex handles dual-sided feeding, from tape and tray, and comes in single lane and dual lane modes. Together with new NPI and MES software tools, iFlex offers the flexibility needed in today’s dynamic electronics manufacturing.

The AX-201 offers a no-compromise combination of high placement accuracy, an extremely wide component range and fast placement rates. This makes it ideally suitable for either standalone applications or as an end-of-line machine in combination with AX-501 or AX-301 machines.

American Tec: DMS Information Manufacturing System
DMS Information Manufacturing System from American Tec makes the seamless transition of ERP and production lines a reality, which helps clients to conduct all-dimensional production management from materials to shipment and realizes the real-time control and information collection of all equipments and workstations, enabling goals such as zero defect production, high quality, accurate tracing, informative workshop operation, etc. to be achieved.

Landrex:Highly Flexible Solution for Functional Test
Landrex promotes the newest highly flexible solution for functional test in 2012. The well-designed and upgradable modules can be applied from a simple offline tester to the complex inline test system. Smart Tester is the best choice for different types of testing applications. Smart Tester helps customers face the pressure of testing capability and cost, shorten the development cycle of test equipment and personnel to operate during maintenance time, and improve overall productivity. Smart Tester is a maximum efficiency of investment, showing the testing ability of an industrial master.

In line with Panasonic’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we introduce the newest NPM-series solution: NPM-TT. Further expanding the SMT process to accommodate more tray-supplied parts in a fully independent mode, this machine helps get the ultimate benefit from the dual-lane platform.
Throughout the impending NEPCON South China 2012, you will discover far more surprises in person. We are looking forward to your presence between August 28 and August 30, 2012 in Shenzhen.
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