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Canadian Circuits Purchases Camtek Orion 828 AOI System

Jun 11, 2012

Surrey B.C.: Praveen Arya, President and owner of Canadian Circuits, Inc. of Surrey British Columbia, announced today that his company has recently acquired The Camtek Orion 828 Automatic Optical Inspection systems.

The Orion 828  AOI System offers cutting-edge solutions for a diverse range of PCB manufacturers. These systems combine high throughput with superior delectability and online verification for inspection at the most competitive cost/scan. To assure delivery of high quality PCB’s the Orion 828  design to detect Opens and short-circuits, nicks, mouse bites, protrusions, pinholes, islands, dish-downs, line/space width violations, annular ring violations, extra and missing features.

Pam Arya, Canadian Circuit’s Sales Manager commented, “The key to successfully servicing our customers today is making sure that we can provide them with not only the best but the most reliable printed circuit boards available. To do this with confidence, it is our responsibility to know with an unwavering degree of certainty that our boards are in always within dimensional tolerance. This system from Camtek, the Orion 828, allows us to do just that".

In business for Nineteen years, Canadian Circuits is British Canada’s foremost printed circuit board fabricators. They are in the process of upgrading their entire facility to be able to provide their customers with HDI Technology. President Praveen Arya believes that the best way to stay successful in the PCB business is to stay ahead of the customers’ needs in terms of equipment, capability and technology; he has dedicated his company to making that happen. For more information go to

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Canadian Circuits Purchases Camtek Orion 828 AOI System

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