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Novatech Solutions to Join Juki in Japan for its 25,000th Shipment Celebration and Tour

Jun 11, 2012

 Juki Automation Systems, Inc., a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and part of Juki Corporation, announces that Novatech Solutions has been invited to join its 25k tour and celebration on behalf of JAS, Inc. The tour will include three Juki manufacturing facilities located in Akita, Japan, the JISSO PROTEC 2012 exhibition, and the celebration of the 25,000th shipment worldwide.

Novatech houses two high-speed Juki lines at its facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The lines consist of Juki’s FX-1R, FX-2 and new FX-3. The company also houses several integrated circuit (IC) placers, including the KE-2060 and KE-2080. Additionally, Novatech has plans to install its third high-speed production line this year for PCs.

Adriån Lamandia, CEO of Novatech Solutions, will join the tour as a special guest of Juki Automation Systems.
Since we adopted Juki as our pick-and-place brand, the motto of ‘Low Cost of Ownership’ makes more sense to us and has turned into a real thing. A second line with a FX-3 and a 2080 arriving during this month further confirmed my satisfaction. Our new challenge will be to produce Intel Classmate PC motherboard besides RAM memory modules and Flash devices, and we trust in Juki,” commented Mr. Lamandia.

Novatech is an Argentinian manufacturing company specializing in RAM module memories and Nand Flash multimedia devices. The company produces memory modules for Desktops, Notebooks and Workstations Servers. Novatech offers fully-tested products to the international and local markets, and guarantees total quality control in every phase of the production process. All Novatech products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. For more information, visit

For more information about JAS, Inc., visit

Juki, a global leader in high-speed SMT Assembly equipment, has shipped more than 25,000 machines worldwide since 1987.  Juki has built its global image with a combination of top-quality and high-reliability machines with a reputation for world-class service and support that result in the lowest production costs for its customers.  The pioneer of the modular assembly system in 1993, Juki offers flexible solutions designed for both high-volume and high mix environments.   

Additionally, Juki Americas offers selective solder and stamp soldering machines backed by the largest field service group in the industry.

For more information, visit

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