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Murrietta wins Supplier Performance Award from Sandia National Laboratories

May 31, 2012

Andrew Murrietta, VP Sales & Marketing and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company won a Supplier Performance award from Sandia National Laboratories 10th Annual Production supplier conference for Weapons Engineering and Product Realization. The conference whose theme was “Defying Obstacles” was held last fall to allow Sandia to recognize their suppliers and thank them for their valuable service over the last year.

Mr. Murrietta, who did a presentation at the event on the challenges and trends in high-reliability electronics and the circuit board industry in particular, commented, “ We consider it a great honor to work with an organization as dedicated to the National Security of this country,  as Sandia National Laboratories.  Working with them offers us a unique insight into the hard work and dedication this organization has done over many decades, and thousands of scientist, engineers and other employees, who have spent their entire lives working to help provide for our national security.  I am especially grateful for them taking the time to give us this award and allowing us the time to present at their conference.   We consider it our privilege to be part of their supplier base.   They are exactly the kind of customer we are designed to serve.

Murrietta Circuits is a high reliability, turnkey supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Services. The company was founded in 1980 and specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly and testing of circuit boards, with today's most challenging technologies and applications. The unique feature of our company is that we perform all these services under one roof, with one management team, one quality system, one MIS system, and one goal: "We will consistently deliver quality products on time with the highest customer service, while continually improving our processes."

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Murrietta wins Supplier Performance Award from Sandia National Laboratories

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