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  • CyberOptics to Discuss Tool Qualification Capabilities of WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor at Semicon West 2012

CyberOptics to Discuss Tool Qualification Capabilities of WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor at Semicon West 2012

May 09, 2012

 CyberOptics Semiconductor ( will discuss the tool qualification features of its WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor (APS) as it is used to measure the presence and density of airborne particles inside fab tools during Semicon West 2012 in Booth No. 2406.  CyberOptics will also display its complete WaferSense family of wireless metrology devices including the Auto Leveling System, Auto Vibration System, Auto Robot Teaching System and Auto Gapping System, and discuss how they work together to troubleshoot fab issues and qualify tools for operation, during the trade show which will be held in San Francisco, CA from July 10 - 12.

Semiconductor manufacturing processes require a contamination-free environment for process optimization and optimum yield.  Particles measuring just nanometers within process chambers can cause yield-reducing defects.  Reducing or eliminating the presence of particle contaminants is an important step in tool qualification.  Traditional particle counting technologies used for particle detection offer limited reach inside equipment, providing little or no information about contamination location or require opening the tool. 

Addressing these issues, CyberOptics developed the APS that can detect particles down to 100nM and automatically report the presence of airborne particles.  The first light-scattering particle counter shaped like a silicon wafer (measuring just 8mm thick and available in 300mm or 200mm form factors), the APS can follow the path of wafers – as they are transferred, slit valves actuate and chambers cycle - and wirelessly report in real time about the air to which regular wafers are exposed. 

The APS can go deep inside a tool and communicate data wirelessly unlike legacy handheld particle counters whose range is limited by hand reach and require opening the tool. And one APS can travel to multiple areas in the process chamber, reducing the time and expense of process equipment particle qualification. 

Data transmitted from the sensor can be graphically and numerically analyzed using companion software. With real-time views of particle conditions, process engineers can address specific trouble spots and be
better prepared to pass particle qualifications on the very first attempt.  Particle data also can be recorded to compare past to present operations as well as one tool to another to conduct machine-to-machine trend analysis of particle conditions and to establish process control and conduct process improvement.

For more information on the Airborne Particle Sensor, please refer to our web site at or contact sales at (503) 495-2200. 

For more information on CyberOptics’ complete line of WaferSense products including the Auto Gapping System, Auto Vibration System, Auto Teaching System and Auto Leveling System, please refer to: .

CyberOptics Semiconductor develops wireless products that seamlessly measure critical parameters in semiconductor fabrication processes and equipment. The company’s pioneering WaferSense® line includes wireless metrology devices for vibration, leveling, gapping, robot teaching and sensing airborne particles in semiconductor process equipment. The company is the largest producer of reflective wafermapping sensors and a leading provider of frame grabber machine vision boards under its HAMA Sensors™ and Imagenation™ brands. CyberOptics Semiconductor is a subsidiary of CyberOptics Corp. (Nasdaq:CYBE), one of the world's leading providers of process yield and throughput improvement solutions for the electronic assembly and semiconductor fabrication industries. For information, visit, e-mail or call 800-366-9131.

CyberOptics Semiconductor, Inc.

Lindsey Dietz
503.495.2217 /

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