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  • Maximum flexibility for diverse productions UVAX Concepts chooses SIPLACE SX

Maximum flexibility for diverse productions UVAX Concepts chooses SIPLACE SX

May 09, 2012

Since 1997, UVAX Concepts from Valencia/Spain, acts as a globally successful manufacturer of electronic products. UVAX Concepts´ know-how in design of state of the art electronic circuits, devices and systems, as well as its excellent expertise as an EMS provider, is well known within the international electronic industry. For UVAX, as well as for its customers, maximum flexibility is one of the most important topics. Therefore, UVAX Concepts has decided to invest in a SIPLACE SX platform, which offers an impressive amount of flexibility, from the machine’s Capacity-on-Demand layout to the revolutionary SIPLACE MultiStar placement head. The MultiStar boasts a component range from 01005 to 50mmx40mm, besides extreme versatility, and most important for UVAX products, making sure today’s highest quality standards are met as well.

For more than twenty years, UVAX Concepts has been manufacturing and deployed highest quality electronic products successfully all over the world. The company’s services include engineering support and design of integrated circuits, electronic systems, and control equipment, helping customers at the prototype stage, as well as manufacturing small and large production runs. UVAX customers are all over the globe, from the USA to Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, … .

SIPLACE MultiStar placement head convinces UVAX

In order to answer to the most challenging and diverse customer requests, UVAX focuses heavily on flexibility in its production capacity and demand response. Precision and a large placement range also were two main requirements for the new placement platform. The company wanted to be able to place various different components without any difficulties or delays and, what was even more important, without having to manually change placement heads during production. The SIPLACE SX machine solves this exact challenge with the help of the SIPLACE MultiStar placement head. The SIPLACE MultiStar can switch between three different placement modes – Collect & Place, Pick & Place and a special Mixed Mode – and is able to place components from 01005 to 40x50mm. This makes it just the perfect pick for UVAX Concepts’ complex designs and new innovative projects. Today, the SIPLACE SX’s great amount of flexibility, together with its robustness, already saves valuable production time and customer requests can be fulfilled even faster than before.

Smart Cities - intelligent city planning

With the purchase of the SIPLACE SX, UVAX expects further acceleration of its implementation of the company’s new Smart Cities product line, which is getting momentum and more demand by the day. Since 2007, UVAX has been working with cities, utility companies, municipal governments and streetlight manufacturers, to develop a system, visioning the near term urban evolution in regard to security, electric cars, outdoor lighting, energy efficiency, energy consumption and alternative energies.

For more information, visit

At the beginning of 2011, the SIPLACE team (formerly Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems) became a business unit of ASM Pacific Technology and operates now as ASM Assembly Systems. With its SIPLACE machines and innovative manufacturing concepts, ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the world’s leading manufacturer of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines and solutions. Since its beginnings in 1985, the company has installed almost 25,000 placement machines at over 2,500 customers all over the world. Electronics manufacturers in all industries such as telecommunications, automotive, IT, consumer electronics and automation use and depend on SIPLACE’s broad portfolio of solutions and services. For more information about ASM Assembly Systems (SIPLACE), visit'

As a subsidiary of ASM International, which has its headquarters in Almere, Netherlands, ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT), Singapore, has developed in only a few years into the world’s leading supplier of chip assembly, bonding and packaging systems and solutions. The ASMPT Group produces and markets machines for front-end and back-end chip assembly and semiconductor packaging. The company has plants in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia, and since January 1, 2011 in Germany. ASMPT has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1989. For more information about ASMPT, visit

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