SMD pick and place machine in SMT industry

May 07, 2012

LED Automatic pick and place machine for LED, it is the best choice for electronic factory, SMT factory, LED manufacture to mount 0603、0805、1206、1210、LED3528、LED5050、 diode、triode and so on. It can improve accuracy and efficient and save lots of cost.
Stable using, easy operation, high performance cost automatic pick and place machine. It has CE
SMD pick and place machines, if automatic there are GP200 and GP250;
M400 is manual SMD chip mounter provides adjustable positioning PCB platform in X-axis, Y axis and Z axis. At the same time header rotates any angle, making sure high accurate (accuracy of up to 0.01mm). with vacuum generators which is convenient to pick up all kinds of IC components.
Through the four-dimensional direction adjustment and high-definition optical CCD camera lens, with the major optical prism coating, so that QFP.PLCC such as precision IC marked very easily. Put IC on the PCB board to realize the stability of high-precision components mount, at the same
time to prevent the error caused by hand trembling. In addition, it also has flexible configuration, the system light source which can improve image clarity and the accuracy of placement.
With a vacuum pump used , switch control through real air source by hand, to facilitate accurate positioning, fast mount of any small space between the chip such as QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. At the same time, equipped with precision machinery XY-axis positioning platform, so that micro-chip mount spacing positioning more accurate and easier.

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