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Saline Lectronics Increases Its Flexibility with Juki’s FlexSolder W510

Apr 16, 2012

Mario Sciberras, Saline Lectronics’ president

Mario Sciberras, Saline Lectronics’ president

Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronics contract manufacturer, recently purchased a FlexSolder W510 from Juki Automation Systems. The W510 marks Saline Lectronics’ third selective soldering system housed in its Saline, MI facility.

Saline Lectronics President Mario Sciberras commented on the W510 purchase: “The W510 has increased our throughput by 50 percent, a direct result of the dual nozzle feature. The preheaters also have allowed us to successfully solder lead-free heavy copper products, producing class III solder joints with less bridging. The W510 has become a great complement to our soldering capabilities at Saline Lectronics.”

The FlexSolder W510 adds a great deal of flexibility to Saline Lectronics’ PCB assembly manufacturing process, allowing various soldering options with no changeover. The system is able to handle dual mini-waves for simultaneous or individual use. The advantage of individual use is having the ability to solder closer than 1 mm to other SMDs but also being able to solder large connectors or other devices without needing to changing nozzle sizes. This is performed automatically during production. No other machine in this market has this ability.

The flexibility of the W510 also is evident in that it offers both 7° soldering to support laminar nozzles and 0° soldering to support wetted nozzles down to 1.8 mm. Various other nozzles also are available for use with the W510, including nozzles up to 30 mm and a special miniature wide wave that supports 60 mm wide soldering. For more information about Juki’s W510, visit

For more information about Saline Lectronics’ PCB assembly capabilities, visit

Saline Lectronics, Inc. is a PCB assembly house located in Saline, Michigan. The company specializes in low to mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies. In addition to its extensive knowledge of PCB assembly manufacturing, other strengths include electromechanical design, DFM, and project engineering. For more information, visit

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