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Easy Braid Co. and PBT Form New Partnership

Mar 26, 2012

PBT Super Wash

PBT Super Wash

The National Sales Manager of Easy Braid Co., Mr. John Webber, recently announced a partnership with PBT, a major European manufacturer of cleaning systems for electronic assembly.  The PBT range of products covers all cleaning processes applied in PCB and electronics assembly technology, water-based as well as other kinds of cleaning systems. PBT offers several different micro-mechanics applications, such as spray or ultrasonic, within the cleaning systems. Without being limited to one type of cleaning process mechanics like other manufacturers, PBT can combine several principles in one cleaning system.

“Bringing one of Europe’s best-known and high quality cleaning solutions to the United States is a great opportunity for both Easy Braid and the customers we service,” John Webber recently stated. “Being able to build cleaning systems unique to a customer’s needs is an enormous advantage that PBT brings to the market.”

Easy Braid Co. is a manufacturer of desoldering braid (wick) with an emphasis on continuing advancement in soldering/desoldering technology, visual and x-ray inspection systems, fume extraction, and solder paste inspection systems.  With an innovative product line and consistent high quality, Easy Braid Co. is a leader in the rework/repair industry.

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