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Newly Updated IPC-AJ-820A Provides Nitty-Gritty of Electronics Assembly and Soldering

Mar 21, 2012

 For many designers and manufacturing personnel in the electronics manufacturing supply chain, IPC-AJ-820, Assembly and Joining Handbook, is the document of choice for all aspects involved in creating a PCB. With input from leading OEMs and research facilities, the recently released “A” revision of this industry handbook contains updated information on proven techniques for the assembly and soldering of electronics assemblies.

  “IPC-AJ-820A covers 14 topics in 289 pages, addressing everything from handling to design to component selection and soldering,” says Kris Roberson, IPC assembly technology manager. “The handbook gives users basic data such as terms and definitions as well as the technical, more nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty information.”

With no shortage of in-depth information, the handbook includes equations for designers as well as techniques for tin whisker mitigation. A section titled “tin pest” explains how parts with high tin content can break down to powder under certain conditions.

Roberson adds that it’s not just the technology that changed within the document, “Users who compare the older version to the current document will note there’s been a change in the way information is presented. The style and tone of the handbook is vastly different. This version is more like talking to an expert instead of saying ‘you shall or will do this.’ It’s much more conversational.”

The reason for the expert tone? A number of leading OEMs and research facilities such as NASA and Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane provided input as did members from a range of suppliers throughout the assembly and joining fields.

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