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Kyzen Introduces New and Improved Pallet Cleaner to Kick Off the New Year

Feb 15, 2012

Kyzen E5321 - Pallet & Maintenance Cleaner

Kyzen E5321 - Pallet & Maintenance Cleaner

Kyzen, a world leading provider of environmentally responsible precision cleaning products for electronics and high-technology manufacturing operations, had introduced a new and improved product for cleaning pallets and maintenance applications.

These ancillary processes often do not get much attention or product development time,” said Tom Forsythe, Kyzen’s Vice President. “However, the challenge was both clear and clearly necessary.”  The industry needed a cleaning chemistry that would work at ambient temperatures and remove hardened, burnt on flux residues from pallets, reflow oven filters, heat exchangers and drip plates without foaming, while remaining environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Kyzen E5321 meets those requirements on all counts. E5321 runs at low concentrations below 10 percent at ambient temperatures with no foaming and delivers excellent results in a short cycle time. For use in spray, soak and ultrasonic applications, Kyzen E5321 runs at concentrations as low as 5 percent with minimal contact time. Additionally, E5321 has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes, including PVC plumbing.

Kyzen offers the best cleaning solutions and services in the industry. Customer satisfaction is the top priority. From evaluation and testing to implementation, Kyzen’s dedicated and experienced technicians will ensure that cleaning requirements are met and in many cases exceeded. Kyzen’s product lines are specifically formulated for the unique challenges faced within each industry.

To learn more about how Kyzen’s line of cleaning technologies and chemistries can meet the needs of any cleaning requirement, visit

Kyzen is a leading supplier of precision cleaning chemistries to the worldwide electronics, metal finishing, medical, semiconductor, and optical industries. Founded in 1990, Kyzen offers superior cleaning chemistries, technical support, application and analytical services throughout the world. Kyzen has won numerous industry awards for its exceptional products and all products are RoHS compliant. For more information, visit

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