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BPM Microsystems Enhances Empty Socket Test Software Feature with the Release of BPWin 5.22.0

Feb 10, 2012

BPM Microsystems announces the release of BPWin version 5.22.0, which includes an enhancement to the Empty Socket Test that will now cycle when the interlock has been opened, further reducing the risk of double stacking devices, thus improving programming yield and quality assurance.

The risk of double stacking a device in a socket increases when the interlock is opened during a job session. By downloading the latest BPWin software release, automated programming system users can reduce this risk as the Empty Socket Test will now perform after the interlock has closed, the job session has resumed, the device operations have completed, and the Pick-and-Place has removed all known devices from the programmer sites. If the software then detects an unexpected device in a socket, an Operator Message will notify the user to remove the device from the specified programmer site.

The Empty Socket Test enhancement helps further reduce the risk of double stacking a device in a socket, which could result in blank devices populating the output media station.

For more information about this software feature, visit

Additional benefits will be implemented in BPWin version 5.24.0. New software features can be found in the software release notes located under the Help menu of the BPWin software and at


Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems is a global supplier of electronic device programmers for all applications. The company is the leading supplier of vision-based automated programming systems and sets the standard in device support, performance, ease-of-use, and cost-of-ownership. The company offers a wide variety of device programmers including Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems® and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems.

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