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Technic Releases Black Pad Resistant Electroless Nickel

Jan 03, 2012

Typical “Cauliflower” effect (Left)	Technic’s New EN AT5600 (Right)

Typical “Cauliflower” effect (Left) Technic’s New EN AT5600 (Right)

Technic Inc. has announced the release of  Technic EN AT5600, an electroless nickel developed specifically to eliminate black pad and to improve soldering on ENIG coated PCBs.  Technic EN AT 5600 is the first electroless nickel that provides lateral growth on copper,  yielding a flatter surface with less pronounced grain boundaries instead of the typical nodular, "cauliflower-like" structure from older formulas. This is important, because the grain boundaries are where corrosion products initiate, and under worst case conditions can become black pad.

Technic EN AT 5600 also features a unique additive system that produces excellent solution stability throughout its bath life, eliminating the need for any break-in periods. This provides significant overall cost savings by preventing plate out, increasing bath life and eliminating the use of dummy plating required by other systems. Technic EN AT 5600 has been engineered to provide a cost effective solution while improving soldering and eliminating defects.

Conversion to lead free alloys in electronics has narrowed the operating window on the assembly process making it more important than ever to have a pristine surface for soldering.  By providing a flatter surface, Technic EN AT5600 is the only ENIG process that provides a substantially better surface to solder to.”  - Eric Stafstrom, Technic Global Product Manager

Technic, Inc. is a US based, private, financially strong corporation.  For over 65 years, Technic has been a global supplier of specialty chemicals, custom finishing equipment, engineered powders, and analytical control systems to the electronic component, printed circuit board, semiconductor, photovoltaic, industrial finishing and decorative industries.

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Technic Releases Black Pad Resistant Electroless Nickel

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