Fuji Releases New Screen Printer – NXTP-M25

Dec 15, 2011

Fuji has just released its newest and most advanced printer ever. The NXTP-M25 extends the modular concept of the world-famous NXT series of mounters to the print stage of production. This high-performance, compact screen printer supports dual lane production, making it ideal for production of panels for small electronic devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs and digital cameras.

The NXTP-M25 works seamlessly alongside Fuji’s NXT IIc series of mounters to achieve maximum productivity in minimum floor space. One NXTP-M25 can be used when producing the same panel in both lanes. Alternatively, you can install two NXTP-M25 machines side-by-side for extra productivity or when producing different panels (or the top and bottom of the same panel) in each lane.

Another advantage of using two NXTP-M25 machines is that the other lane can be used to transport panels and continue production even if the printing lane of one of the machines stops for some reason. Similarly, when producing different panels in each lane, changeover can be performed for one lane while production continues at the other. This eliminates unnecessary line stoppages and maximizes operating rates.

As with the NXT series of mounters, the NXTP-M25 features one-sided operation and the ability to place machines back-to-back, ensuring efficient use of factory space.

The NXTP-M25 also has the high accuracy needed for the latest printing tasks. Mask accuracy is ±10 um, and the machine features low-impact clamping to reduce warpage when the panel is clamped.

To reduce maintenance costs, the NXTP-M25 adjusts the supply of cleaning agent to the size of the stencil and features an automatic solder supply method (option) that ensures as little waste as possible.

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