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Nov 15, 2011

■ICT&MDA ATE Test Fixture Software■
Software for:ICT、SMT、AOI、MDA、AXI、Flying Probe

Tebo-ICT is a kind of very professional ICT and ATE fixture software. Chinese interface, designed in humanity, compatible with Win98/2000/NT/XP system, which is easy to operate and train. It can cope with all kinds of GERBER and buried via, positive and negative board materials; at the same time, it equip with many kind of CAD connector, which make it can easy to deal with data in short time. It is the best choice to make high density, complex ICT and ATE test fixture.

Tebo-ICT software translates your CAD or GERBER files into real reference designators, netlists, X/Y component pin geometries, values, tolerances, part numbers, etc.  Also Gerber to Seica Flying Probe IPC-D-356 file.  This data is then used by Test Engineers to program their ATE (Genrad ".ckt", Teradyne "ipl", Hewlett Packard "board & board x/y"), MDA, and flying probe test equipment (Takaya, Seica,Spea, etc.) and design the "Bed of Nails" test fixtures. 

Tebo-ICT software helps reduce time and errors in developing your test programs and test fixture (Bed of Nails).  Tebo-ICT is a cost effective solution for making your job easier and saving your company money. Tebo-ICT  receives its input by importing virtually any CAD and Bill Of Materials (BOM).  Import files from Gerber, Mentor Graphics, PADS, OrCAD, Protel, Accel PCAD, Allegro, Cadence, Cadstar, etc.  Tebo-ICT also imports standards such as IPC-D-356, GENCAD, ODB++ ,Fabmaster, etc. Tebo-ICT supports most popular In-circuit ATE and MDA,  Also supports Boundary Scan (BST), Automatic X-Ray(AXI), Automatic Optical (AOI) and Flying Probe (FPT) test and inspection systems.  

1)Gerber Rs274D,Gerber Rs274X,DPF,HPGL,DXF ...

2)CAD(ASCII): ODB++(*.tar,*.tgz,*.zip),GenCAD(*.cad), Cadence(*.cad),Fab FATF(*.asc,*.fat,*.fab),
              Mentor(*.neu,*.vss), PADS(*.asc),PowerPCB(*.asc),Redac CADIF(*.paf),Protel(*.pcb),Undat(*.uni)Zuken (*.ftf ,*.pcf) ...

3)IPC 356 / 356A, Pin,Parts,Nails ...   


2)ICT: TRI(518/5001),JET(200/300), TAKAYA(APT3200/3400),TESCON(piont-55/66,FOCUS-2000),

3)Drill,Mill,Wire,Gerber,DXF ...

4)TAKAYA(APT-7400CN/8400/9411),SPEA(4040),SEICA(S20/S40),TERADYNE ESI-1004 ...

6)AXI: Agilent 5DX  ...


Tebo-ICT Features:

  *Generates test fixture drill/mill plans, wire plans, etc. Creates all the necessary files the fixture fabrication house needs the build your fixture quickly, accurately and at reduced cost. 
*Export a standardized net list and bill of material (BOM). Use to create ATE and MDA circuit description files to program a variety of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).
*Export FATF (FABmaster) CAD file.   *Export IDF Data Format(ECAD) file.   *Export Other file:Gerber,dxf,nc drill,rout,mill,etc. 
  *Avoid expensive & complex fixturing.
*Reduce fixture and program turnaround time.
*Optimize test probe size and positions.
*Import virtually any ASCII CAD file and Gerber file.
*Import Other file: dxf, hpgl,dpf,nc drill,rout,etc. 
  *Performs testability analysis using the CAD file or Gerbe file. Before the first board is built detect and correct problems such as untestable nets do to no test probe access.
*Net by Net report of probe failures.
*User selectable probe size ranges.
*User selectable ranking of probe placement criteria.
*Automatic dispersion and staggering of test probes locations
*Keepout areas are automatically calculated and user adjustable.
*Auto numbering of vias.
*Split Alphanumeric pins on Import/Export and shorten long netnames.
*Import nets, renumber nets, kill nets and auto assign net numbers to "no connect" nets.
*Change the component properties of any part number.
*Set origins and measurement tool.
*Reports the total number of test probes used, their size, etc. This aids in quoting a test fixture quickly & accurately.
*Import test probe numbers to appear on the display. Can be given to CAD department to prevent violating of the test fixturing (moving of components or test points with assigned test probes).
*Free assembly viewer software with active display of PCB assembly. Give to your clients or shop floor production personnel. Viewer instantly finds components, pins, nets, test probe #'s, part numbers and short between traces. Other features - zoom, single/split screen, flip, rotate, change screen setting and active schematic mode.
*Any CAD file exported to a flat ASCII file. Contains each component, pin, via, net-number, x/y, surface, etc. (Useful for import to other systems - test, assembly equipment, etc.).
*Import Bill of Material (BOM) information and associated with each component. BOM importing is programmable to accommodate multiple BOM styles formats.
*Print or plot to any Windows compatible printer.  Print the full assembly or a zoomed in segment or a schematic segment.

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