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Productronica 2011: MYDATA Commits To Making Electronics Assembly "Faster, Smarter and More Agile"

Nov 08, 2011

MYDATA will unveil new solutions at Productronica 2011 in Munich, Germany (November 15-18, Booth A3 340) that enable its customers to boost productivity by combining higher speed with flexibility in both NPI and volume production. The global innovator of surface mount solutions says its new developments are all designed to accelerate customer success.

Next-generation products for more agile manufacturing

MYDATA will present at Productronica the next-generation MY100e - the most agile SMT assembly machine on the market with placement speeds rated up to 50,000 cph. Visitors to the event will also learn more about the new Agilis Flex feeder system, which enables fast and efficient handling of components on tape from 8 up to 152 mm in width. Other solutions to be featured in Munich include on-machine fluxing and pasting for package-on-package technologies, automated storage solutions, as well as the company’s MY500 jet printing technology, a stencil-free solder paste application process that enables rapid, on-the-fly revisions and high-quality solder joints on even the most advanced boards.

In-line assembly production for any volume

The electronic assembly industry is under pressure to increase productivity. Customers experience shorter batch sizes and unpredictable delivery schedules,” says Robert Göthner, Senior Vice President & General Manager of MYDATA. “We solve this problem by offering a platform with the necessary responsiveness to cut down turnaround times while increasing speed and still maintaining excellent placement accuracy.”
He cites the MY100e series, targeted at the mid to higher volume segment, in which speed and flexibility meet. The MY100e series offers an optimal way to configure an assembly line to match any type of production requirement, from a single 40,000 cph all-in-one machine up to efficient four-machine work cell solutions rated at 180,000 cph, with low per-placement cost even in a high-mix assembly environment.

Updated software dramatically boosts equipment utilization

In addition to new, more agile machine platforms, MYDATA presents what it calls the richest software suite in the industry. “Our customers will substantially enhance their machine utilization when our software is fully harnessed, which offers improved factory efficiency and increased operator time savings,” says Mattias Jonsson, MYDATA’s Senior Product Manager. “Intelligent material handling, superior job planning, complete traceability and right-first-time data preparation are all key features of our software and this really sets us apart from our competitors,” he adds.

Rising needs to eliminate bottlenecks

A common industry challenge is to deal with information bottlenecks. With this in mind, MYDATA has developed a solution in which all software systems seamlessly communicate to manage the complex flow of component and product information in the modern factory. At Munich, the company promises to show new solutions enabling clients to work faster and smarter with accurate inventory management, automatic replenishment, quicker changeovers and automated storage solutions - all of which eradicate mix-ups and bottlenecks in production.

In conclusion, Robert Göthner notes that, “In a continually-evolving industry such as electronic assembly, new production demands arise all the time. Here at MYDATA, we respond to such challenges by offering our customers innovative ways to stay competitive.”

Micronic Mydata AB is a global high-tech company that develops, manufactures and markets laser-based pattern generators for the production of photomasks as well as advanced surface mount technology (SMT) equipment for flexible production of electronics.

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