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Manncorp's Expanded Component Counter Lines Include 01005 Capability & Missing Parts Detector

Oct 29, 2011

Component counters that handle all part sizes - even 01005s - and detect missing parts while deducting them from the grand total are now available at According to CEO Henry Mann, "the site includes hand-held and motorized versions with features and functions that greatly increase usability."

He cited a model that counts SMDs as well as through-hole axial and radial parts. Another version includes a bar code reader and scanner plus a label printer that outputs quantity, lot number, company name and bar code. "This is vital information for inventory control and pre-kitting,"  the CEO added.

He also referred to a low-cost hand-held counting device called "Spot Check:" that counts SMDs directly on the pick and place. "At only $389, this device easily pays for itself," he added. For details, access Manncorp Counters.

Manncorp offers pick-and-place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens, wave solder machines, turnkey systems, solder pastes, board cleaners, desiccant cabinets, rework systems and more. Accessing is an informational experience. Not only are full details and specifications provided for the 150+ products, but prices are also attainable within seconds after minimal contact information is provided.

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