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Seica SpA to exhibit at Productronica 2011

Oct 08, 2011

Pilot V8 flying prober.

Pilot V8 flying prober.

Compact SL testing system

Compact SL testing system

Firefly selective soldering system

Firefly selective soldering system

Seica, world leader in the design and manufacturing of electric test solutions for electronic boards and modules, dedicates a specific space to automation, presenting the  Pilot V8 Flying Prober with automatic loader, the innovative in-circuit and functional line tester, Compact SL, and the model Top-bottom of Firefly Laser Selective Soldering. In addition, it will be possible to view the RTE-200 Boundary scan system, a combination of Analog test and Boundary  scan performance.

Pilot V8 Double-sided Flying Prober

Pilot V8 is the only ATE flying prober with vertical architecture equipped with 8 drive/sense flying probes, two supply probes, two for the vectorless test, two cameras and two temperature sensors, able to execute in-circuit testing, functional testing, boundary  scan, optical and thermal scan on every kind of printed circuit board.

When used for testing new PCB from new production batches, Pilot V8 offer extremely high capabilities, thanks to the parallel test performance, allowing the test of two PCBs simultaneously, doubling productivity and offering test times comparable with the standard bed of nails tester against a major fault coverage and improved mechanical accessibility to the PCB itself.

When used for the repair of boards from the field, Pilot V8 also allows the preliminary reverse engineering during testing, offering the possibility to reconstruct CAD project data and the wiring diagrams of the product to be tested, when these are not initially available for the preparation of the test program.

The new Pilot V8 Automatic, designed for those who want to maximize the yield of PCB high volumes test, has a special conveyor for the automatic transport of the PCBs and, combined with an external loading/unloading warehouse, allows the use of the test system without a dedicated operator.

COMPACT SL In-circuit/functional System With Line Automation

The new in-circuit and functional line testing system Compact SL was inspired by WCM standards increasingly popular in the electronic boards manufacturing, with particular reference to automotive industry, where ergonomics, small size and easy maintenance are essential features which a good test system, robust, reliable and accurate, must have. The transportation of boards is ensured by an automatic “pass through” conveyor, fully managed by the VIVA operating system, a core of all SEICA ATEs, while the contact between the UUT and the test fixture is performed by means of a motorized press which is also fully automatic and programmable.

Compact SL is only 60 cm large, but embodies the power of a complete test system expandable to over 3000 channels, with the ability to perform analog, digital and power testing, but also optical testing if equipped with cameras and/or optical fibers for the inspection of LCD and luminescent LED.

Compact SL uses the same mechanical adapter of the other manual system of the Compact line, with which it is able to share the same text fixtures and can accept till 4 independent JOBS for measures, favoring the simultaneous testing of maximum 4 UUT.

If configured for functional testing, Compact SL can be provided with management software alternative to VIVA operative system, as Labview and TestStand by National Instruments, in order to allow standardization of test programs in the production plant.

Firefly LASER Selective Soldering System

Seica is on the market for years with the Firefly, a system able to offer a simple and flexible solution of selective laser soldering. Project developments, dedicated along the years to improve and consolidate the “bottom”  version Firefly B60, are now shared with a new “top” system platform. The model “top” is available in version “top” (Firefly T60), with a soldering head from above or in version “top-bottom” (Firefly TB60) with 2 independent soldering heads. The machine is made of 2 autonomous modules, each one equipped with its own laser source.

The Firefly project philosophy aims to provide a solution where is required an integration of selective laser soldering on an existing production line, not necessarily compliant with the SMEMA specifications. The “top” module indeed connects to the “bottom” module (or to the customer’s conveyor) through a defined interface, in both hardware and software.

Top soldering is widely used in the completion of pre-assembled modules, where irregular shapes force the manufacturer to use specific transport.

The laser technology in selective soldering, represents more a selection of process than of machine. The technology integrated into the Firefly soldering head, indeed, combined with an efficient software, allows to characterize a stable thermal profile for each solder joint.

Laser represents a flexible solution but at the same time repeatable and controllable: it’s the solution for a process certification.

RTE-200 Boundary Scan

RTE-200 Boundary Scan is the perfect solution for those who wish to combine the performance of a powerful test system for functional analog test with those of a great Boundary Scan tester for digital components testing: compact size and standard 19” rack architecture allow the user to employ RTE-200 Boundary Scan as desktop independent system, or as a real tool to be integrated into a more complex apparatus aimed to test electronic equipment and not individual boards.

The software platform VIVA SEICA, which manages the functional ATE part, is perfectly integrated with the management software DIATEM by TEMENTO SYSTEMS, responsible of the testing part Boundary Scan, in order to write and execute a single test program which combines the part of functional and JTAG-type testing, thus optimizing the test time, maximizing the coverage of faults detectable by the tester and producing a single test report. Benefiting of VIVA and DIATEM platforms at the same time, RTE-200 Boundary Scan can be also equipped with in-circuit performances, like all SEICA systems, or for the programming of digital JTAG devices, characteristic of TEMENTO SYSTEMS products, as well as the innovative testing performance “at speed” which provides high-speed testing of memories (even 266 MHz) that is the same frequency of the memory controller.

Founded in 1986, Seica S.p.A. is a global supplier of automatic test equipment and selective soldering systems, with an installed base of more than 1 thousand systems on four different continents.  Seica offers a complete line of test solutions, including bed of nails and flying probe testers, able to perform MDA, in-circuit and full functional tests of assembled electronic boards and modules, and printed circuit boards, as well as laser-based selective soldering systems for electronic board manufacturing. Company headquarters are located in Strambino, Italy, with direct offices in France and USA, Germany and China, supported by a vast distribution network covering the rest of the world.
Seica's innovative solutions are being used across the globe to improve quality, increase productivity and save money in all areas of electronics manufacturing, including automotive, defense and consumer.

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