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BTU International Awarded Best Exhibit Technology of the Year at NEPCON South China 2011 for its PYRAMAX™ 125N

Sep 23, 2011

PYRAMAX™ solder reflow system.

PYRAMAX™ solder reflow system.

BTU International, a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the alternative energy and electronics manufacturing markets has been awarded the Best Exhibit Technology of the Year at NEPCON South China 2011  for its PYRAMAX™ 125N Reflow System. The award was presented to BTU at the SMTA South China Conference 2011 Award presentation ceremony, held on August 31, 2011, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shenzhen, China.

The PYRAMAX™ 125N convection reflow oven features 10 heated zones and 2 cooling zones.  The oven utilizes BTU's exclusive Closed Loop Convection Control to provide precise control of heating/cooling, and the constant heat transfer that delivers maximum process control flexibility, assures process repeatability from site to site and line to line, and enhances temperature uniformity. The PYRAMAX™ 125N’s significantly reduced nitrogen use in combination with its other proven quality features provides manufacturers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

During NEPCON South China, BTU also highlighted the new Dual Lane Dual Speed capabilities of the PYRAMAX™ solder reflow system as well as next-generation HE Flux Management.  The Dual Lane Dual Speed capability allows manufacturers to run boards with significant differences, simultaneously, maximizing operational efficiency. Additionally, the HE Flux Management system further extends the maintenance cycle and is easy to maintain with automated feedback of servicing requirements.

BTU International is a market-leading, global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment and processes to the alternative energy and electronics assembly markets. BTU’s equipment and expertise are used in the manufacturing of solar cells and nuclear fuel as well as the production of printed circuit board assemblies and semiconductor packaging. BTU has design and manufacturing operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China with direct sales and service worldwide.

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