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KVM4S/EUROPE-SMT Sells First MIELE IR6002 Industrial Cleaner

Sep 19, 2011

KVM4S/EUROPE-SMT, a leading global supplier of SMT production solutions, announces that it has sold its first MIELE IR6002 Industrial Cleaner to Philips Electronics of the Netherlands.

Early in the summer, KVM4S/EUROPE-SMT installed the IR6002 at Philips Research Eindhoven of the Netherlands. The IR6002 will be used for cleaning critical high-reliability printed circuit boards (PCB). Philips purchased the IR6002 because of its ability to handle this delicate job. Furthermore, Philips has had only the best experienced with its former cleaner, a previous model of the IR6002, which lasted more than 10 years without fail.

The cleaning of high-reliability PCBs demands high standard specifications; therefore, KVM4S/EUROPE-SMT also installed the Ionograph (Specialty Coating Systems) to control the level of cleaning according to the military specifications to which Philips adheres.

KVM4S/EUROPE-SMT was founded early 1999, in Turnhout, Belgium, and has since evolved into one of the leading global suppliers of SMT production solutions to numerous key global manufacturers. The company consists of four divisions: SMT Equipment, Software, Services and Supplies.

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