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  • Innovations for FINEPLACER® lambda to be highlighted at Productronica 2011

Innovations for FINEPLACER® lambda to be highlighted at Productronica 2011

Sep 06, 2011

The FINEPLACER® lambda is a flexible sub-micron bonder used for precise placement, die attach and advanced packaging.

The FINEPLACER® lambda is a flexible sub-micron bonder used for precise placement, die attach and advanced packaging.

At Productronica 2011, Finetech will present a number of smart improvements and new options for the FINEPLACER® lambda.

New optical system and illumination

Although the FINEPLACER® lambda already has a reputation for providing superior optical resolution, Finetech could enhance the experience by adding new features. A whole new lighting concept now allows a separate adjustment of chip and substrate illumination. The lighting settings can be adapted to different surface characteristics (i.e. reflectivity) of chip and substrate. An integrated oblique illumination gives additional image information on structures and fiducials.

An innovative software-controlled virtual shutter provides alternating illumination of chip and substrate with a manually adjustable frequency. This approach takes advantage of the operator eye’s slowness of visual processing. Without losing image information as it would be the case with a mechanical shutter, visual alignment with overlay images now looks and feels more naturally and convenient. The optimal light values and shutter parameters can be saved together with every working step.

A new option for the alignment camera allows image shifting in order to expand the visible image of a chip in y-direction. This is useful when chip and substrate have to be aligned under maximum magnification and the chip’s fiducials exceed the field of view.

Optimized positioning table and extra-sensitive vacuum detection

Various special applications require a Z-shift of the substrate from focal plane to the placement plane after alignment. To maintain accuracy, Finetech has developed an optimized Z-travel guide for the positioning table. Digital micrometer screws provide 1 µm resolution for all axes.

Also the vacuum-based chip detection at the tool, which is needed to trigger motorized placement and bonding processes, could be improved by optimizing the measuring method. Even particularly small, light and delicate chips now can be detected very reliably.

Live demo at Productronica

At Productronica, visitors can experience a FINEPLACER® lambda featuring the latest configuration options. The strengths of the system will be showcased running complex chip array applications with single components being placed with defined distances and then soldered to the substrate simultaneously. By placing dimensioned glass chips, visitors can learn more about the improved optics and superior placement accuracy.

The modular FINEPLACER® systems offer maximum process flexibility in many different connection technologies. They include a wide variety of soldering and bonding technologies, as well as ultrasonic and thermal compression bonding. FINEPLACER® systems are used especially in R&D, prototype building and small series production.

Visit Finetech in Munich at Productronica 2011, booth no. A4-281.

Finetech is a leading manufacturer of equipment for manual and fully automatic circuit board repair and high-precision insertion of electronic/optical components, plus assembly and fitting of complex opto-electronic systems.

Finetech's customers include companies in the aerospace, automobile, medical/bio/solar technology, optoelectronics, semiconductor, consumer electronics and defense sectors, together with education and research establishments. Finetech responds flexibly to specific requirements and offers tailor-made solutions to highly-demanding customer applications. Finetech is represented by direct subsidiaries in its core markets and offers on-site application support and advice.  It is also represented world-wide by a network of agencies.

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