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Get First-Class Performance with Dow Corning TC-5026 Thermal Grease from Krayden

Aug 24, 2011

Krayden, Inc., a leading distributor of engineered materials, introduces TC-5026 Thermal Grease from Dow Corning. Designed with reliability in mind, TC-5026 is solvent-free for the highest stability.

TC-5026 has a small filler particle size, allowing for extremely thin bond lines and resulting in optimal thermal performance. The solvent-free grease contains a high concentration of advanced silicone fluid to minimize pump-out during thermal cycling. 

Application methods for TC-5026 include screen printing, stencil printing and dispensing. According to independent consumer testing, TC-5026 is one of the top performing and most reliable thermal greases on the market today.  Additionally, the one-part, thermally conductive compound does not require drying. 

Dow Corning TC-5026 has a thermal conductivity of (W/m-K) 2.87 with a bond line thickness of 10 µm and a thermal resistance of 0.032. For more information, Contact Krayden, Inc., Dow Corning authorized distributor. To request technical data sheets or place an order, visit

Krayden, Inc. is a stocking distributor featuring adhesives, sealants, encapsulates, coatings, solder, solder chemicals, release agents, dispensing equipment and supplies with locations throughout the United States and five locations serving Mexico. The company has been named Dow Corning Electronics’ Distributor of the year in 2008 2009 and 2010, and represents only the leaders in the engineered materials industry. Krayden is fully supported by its manufacturers as well as committed to updating its customers' about new products for their applications. The company’s inventory is constantly being monitored for quality and shelf life at all locations. Krayden has the ability to customize its inventory based on customer’s requirements, and it prides itself on having technical knowledge of its product lines.

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