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Vi TECHNOLOGY® Introduces Vision 20 To meet today's industry challenge @ NEPCON South China 2011

Aug 22, 2011

Vi TECHNOLOGY will be represented with its agents to introduce Vision 20, the latest Vi TECHNOLOGY’s software suite, to meet today’s industry challenge at NEPCON South China from August 30 to September 1.  WKK at booth 1F10 will demonstrate Vision 20 and Selective Super-resolution technology based on 7K DL. 5K PERFORM will be presented in American Tec at booth 1F50.

Vision 20 offers the most comprehensive software capability for the SMT production environment. Vision 20 offers stable, consistent and repeatable inspection performance at each process step from 2DSPI through pre-reflow to post reflow and post wave application. Vision 20 algorithms provide extensive defect detection capability to ensure no missed defects, whilst minimising false calls.  New software tools focus on ease of use and fast programming providing maximum efficiency in low volume high mix production facilities. Fully networked offline programming capability including program tuning, minimises downtime and further maximising production efficiency.

Vision 20 customer will qualify for our new “Free software upgrades for life” program. This program ensure that you benefit from over 20 year experience and our continuing development ensuring that you always have the most up to date inspection tools available. Please contact your Vi TECHNOLOGY sales representative for more information and access conditions to the program.

Vi TECHNOLOGY® Selective Super-resolution (SSR) technology further expands our P Series capabilities. Utilizing a well proven technology to provide high-resolution images, SSR provides enhanced capability for 01005 inspection with a minimised impact on programming time. SSR will be accessible to our customers with a Vision 20 software suite and a simple PC upgrade. Combined with our Vi TECHNOLOGY® Vectoral Imaging subpixel technology, it brings the most out of our customers’ AOI solution. SSR has been proven in mass production and offers unprecedented repeatability for customers qualifying and monitoring their 01005 design rules and manufacturing processes.  

Vi TECHNOLOGY is a worldwide global supplier for the design, manufacture, and support of a wide range of innovative inspection equipment and software solutions for a broad range of applications, including PCB assembly, incoming inspection and process control.

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