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Acculogic Debuts LaserScanTM for Scorpion Flying Probe Systems

Jul 22, 2011

LaserScan™ 100 in FLS980 application

LaserScan™ 100 in FLS980 application

Close up of LaserScan™ 100 in FLS980 application

Close up of LaserScan™ 100 in FLS980 application

Acculogic, Inc., a global leader in electronic production test solutions, introduces LaserScan™ for its line of Scorpion Flying Probe Systems. The innovative LaserScan™ is designed for non-contact measurement of absolute distance to an object.

LaserScan™ is a laser sensor with an integrated digital signal processor and is designed for displacement, distance and position measurement. The sensor measures distances without contact against a wide variety of material surfaces. A visible red laser distance sensor uses triangulation to locate targets down to 10 µm across a measurement range of 100 mm.

Additionally, the precision, visible red laser optics and linear electronics allow LaserScan™ to achieve pinpoint 1 µm resolution across a measurement range of 10 mm. The system’s laser distance sensors are engineered to deliver 1 percent linearity over their operational range, and can detect multiple target materials with minimal shift in detected position due to differences in target color or surface reflectivity.

LaserScan™ adds a range of measurement and inspection capability to the Flying Scorpion systems, including automated verification of component profiles, measurement and compensation for board warp, and mechanical component assembly verification.

LaserScan™ is offered in two different configurations:

  • LaserScan100  - Measurement range of 100 mm with 10 µm resolution
  • LaserScan10  - Measurement Range of 10 mm with  1 µm resolution

LaserScan™ is as an optional upgrade to the Acculogic Flying Scorpion FLS900/800 Series.

Acculogic is a global supplier of automatic test equipment and application support services. Acculogic's test products include the Flying Scorpion - world’s only double sided Flying Probe with 3-D joy-stick-like probe motion and 22 probes , an extensive line of bed-of-nails In-Circuit Test Systems, a powerful suite of Boundary Scan test and programming tools, and Application Specific PXI/LXI based Functional Test Systems. Acculogic systems are used by manufacturers of electronic devices and circuit assemblies. Acculogic is a private, growing and profitable company with operations in United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Japan and an extensive network of sales and supports centers around the world.

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