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eXception integrates GOEPEL electronic's Boundary Scan into Teradyne Test Station

Jul 20, 2011

First Contract Electronics Manufacturer in the UK to incorporate GOEPEL electronic JTAG/ Boundary Scan technology into a Teradyne Test station

The British Contract Electronics Manufacturing Company eXception EMS has simplified and integrated Boundary Scan solutions into mainstream test strategy by incorporating equipment from GOEPEL electronic into a Teradyne test station.

Several of eXception’s volume Boundary Scan applications use ICT as part of the test strategy and combining ICT with Boundary Scan gives operational and cost benefits. It also helps to lever some of the Company’s advanced application skills to create enhanced test coverage – better than the stand-alone tests combined.

“The past few years have experienced a maturing of the Boundary Scan market. We are now seeing Boundary Scan test used across a broad range of the products we make rather than just niche applications”, says Adam White, Technical Director - eXception EMS. “We have grown our Boundary Scan capability with this change by investing in training and more TAP controllers”.

More recently, we have used our internal test development skills to design custom interface boards using the  boundary scan interface. This enables us to exercise parts of the circuit not testable by the standard package. We have created advanced applications with hundred’s of I/O and block functional tests that really maximize the test coverage and become a viable alternative to board level functional test.

“The solution integrates well allowing seamless switching between ICT and GOEPEL electronic control giving optimum solutions for parts programming and managing multiple power up and programming routines”, adds Karl Miles, Manager of GOEPEL electronics in UK & Ireland.

eXception are now migrating further applications to this platform and making advanced Boundary Scan a standard part of their test strategy and investigating using emulation technology (including GOEPEL electronic’sVarioTAP® solution) to improve programming times and functional test coverage at ICT.

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eXception integrates GOEPEL electronic's Boundary Scan into Teradyne Test Station

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