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Jun 14, 2011

Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection

Nanovea’s standard inspection system stage speed can reach 1m/s, up to 50 times faster than most optical systems in its class. It is equipped with a 31KHz white light axial chromatism sensor and XY measurement area of 400mm x 600mm, which at maximum stage speed can measure 1 point every 32µm and traverse the full 400mm in less than 1 sec. (higher resolution can be obtained
with proportionally slower stage speeds). In addition, the system allows Nanovea PRVision (auto-recognition) on precisely chosen surface features with little to no user interaction through user-friendly software. These features can then be automatically measured or the user can select from a list from which to measure. For automated inspection and report generation the system can effortlessly integrate into large or small quality control environments. Crucial applications throughout all industries, which were once inspected with vision and or laser, can now be inspected with the assurance of high speed non contact nanometer measurement. This is especially critical to batch production with tight tolerance levels which can now be easily monitored to insure quality control via online communication. With this feature applications can be automatically scanned and analyzed based on instructions found on a server database. The online inspection feature allows automatic product ID scan with a bar code reader (could also be manually entered in); the product ID is then checked against predefined pass/fail and measurement requirements stored on a company database. The part is automatically measured, and upon completion a report is automatically generated. The report and the pass/fail information is automatically sent back to the server and stored with that part number. Measurement speeds range from 1m/s and 31,000 points/sec with nanometer accuracies. There are various scan types, analysis functions and size options that can be customized to fit applications throughout all industries.

To reach speeds suitable for more time constraint production and quality control environments a line sensor can be used providing 1 x 180 array of measurement points and can scan up to 1800 lines per second to create and overall scan rate of up to 324,000 points per second. The system is capable of measuring large areas in seconds with high resolution and can also be equipped with Nanovea PRVision during high speed inspection. Options also include a scanning mirror to create a field scanning function that will measure 180 points by 230 lines area in a fraction of a second. With this technology there is a line of 180 measurable points acquired simultaneously, which significantly decreases the time to create a surface 3D mapping.

The combination of superior overall features makes Nanovea’s HS100 system unquestionably the instrument of choice for inspection demands found in Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Solar and Medical industries among many others. Nanovea’s inspection capability can be provided for stand alone or inline integration and is the most competitively priced inspection option in the industry.

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