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Nordson ASYMTEK to Introduce Broad Spectrum of Solutions at Productronica 2017

Nov 08, 2017

A powerful array of new products and technologies for electronics manufacturing

 Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), a global leader in dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment and technologies, will introduce a powerful array of new products, technologies, and solutions for conformal coating and automated fluid dispensing at Productronica 2017 in Hall A2, stand 345.

Nordson ASYMTEK will show three conformal coating solutions:

• First, a new modular coating line will provide real-time Cpk so that coating productivity can be easily monitored, thanks to inter-machine communication (Industry 4.0) between the Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating system, the new FX-942UV automated optical inspection (ACI) system, and an integrated oven, further enhancing productivity in minimal floor space. In addition, the communication between the SL-940 and the ACI, which has top and bottom inspection as well as a new, integrated coating thickness sensor, will allow the user to adjust the coating program speed depending on a thickness trend variation.

• A second conformal coating line will demonstrate the wide range of flexibility in Nordson ASYMTEK’s coating systems, incorporating the new SC-350 Select Spray™ applicator and the new AM 2.0 Series 2-component (2k) coating feeding system in the popular SL-940 coating system. The new SC-350 atomizing air spray applicator improves edge definition significantly for spray coating with less masking or clean-up. The AM 2.0 Series applicator provides in-line fluid mixing with process controls to ensure accurate mix ratios and efficient operation. Next to the SL-940 coater is a new  UV-9-LED curing oven to create a highly versatile production line.

• A third conformal coating option, the Conexis® conformal coating system, demonstrates affordable efficiency for automated conformal coating processes.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s automated fluid dispensing solutions will feature two new dispensing platforms and a newly integrated solution:

• New levels of speed and accuracy for bulk and two-component (2C or 2K) dispensing thermal paste, potting, and encapsulation materials can be attained with the new Helios™ SD-960 bulk and two-component dispensing system. The Helios system will incorporate existing bulk-dispensing applicators, with process controls that protect the accuracy demanded by electronics manufacturers for efficiency and productivity.

• Nordson ASYMTEK’s new 2-in-1 dispensing system and post-dispense inspection kit provides the ultimate in process control for consistently jetting small volumes as low as 1 nanoliter at frequencies up to 1000 Hz. The Spectrum™ II Premier automated fluid dispensing system with built-in automated optical inspection system gives immediate feedback for the dispensing process, so course corrections can be made immediately. This ensures that the dispensing results are accurate before moving to the next step in the assembly process, saving time and money.

• An exciting demonstration features Nordson ASYMTEK’s new Vantage™ fluid dispensing system combined with the award-winning IntelliJet® jetting system. This dynamic duo demonstrates remarkable speed and accuracy in an expanded dispense area for applications in high-volume electronics manufacturing. New from the ground up, the Vantage dispensing system is controlled by the completely new dispensing software, Canvas™, with graphical programming and guided wizards.

All these exciting new developments will be demonstrated at Productronica 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, in Munich, Germany, November 14-17, 2017, in the Nordson Hall A2, stand 345 -- precisely where you want to be.

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