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  • Preview for AdoptSMT for SMT 2018, Stand A4-458 We keep your production running -

Preview for AdoptSMT for SMT 2018, Stand A4-458 We keep your production running -

Apr 17, 2018

Market Leader AdoptSMT will showcase at SMT 2018 an array of new and updated innovative products. Again these products and the service AdoptSMT offers their customers make AdoptSMT’s slogan become true: We keep your production running. AdoptSMT covers the processes of PCB assembly, hand soldering and industrial identification. We are proud to present many new products like the Thermaltronics Solder Robot with offset correction by vision system and laser height measurement, the AdoptSMT Premium Solder Preforms or late model pre-owned machines in stock - while we still want to give an overview over our complete range of products and services.

We are highlighting this year amongst our product presentations:

Hover-Davis-Feeders for automation systems

For years AdoptSMT is successfully selling user-friendly, precision tape feeders for standard SMT placement machines, e.g. the SSF series for Siplace and MP series for Panasonic. Initially introduced two years ago, Hover-Davis has been extending their proven automation feeders SSF to a broad product range including complete installation kits. So integration has become even more straightforward for automation specialists.

Thermaltronics Soldering Robot

AdoptSMT is showing the compact soldering robot Thermaltronics TMT R9800S with offset correction by means of a camera vision system and laser height measurement. The use of stepper motors and precision gear tracks are additional features not expected in a robot priced the way it is. Exact temperature repeatability is of course standard with Thermaltronics Curie heat soldering systems. AdoptSMT can test applications on customer products on their demo robot in Grödig, Austria.

Solder preforms

After separating from a renowned high-priced manufacturer of solder materials, which AdoptSMT has represented only in Austria and Switzerland, the company has successfully started with marketing and selling taped standard solder preforms throughout Europe. As these preforms are normally supplied on reels to be placed by standard tape feeders, they ideally match AdoptSMT’s product portfolio.

SMT Feeders

AdoptSMT is distributing and supporting new Hover-Davis and Count On Tools SMT Feeders, offers service of customer owned feeders and is selling feeders overhauled in-house. New Hover-Davis Tape feeders are available for Panasonic and for Siplace machines. Count On Tools strip feeders are used for prototype assembly and are available for different brand pick & place machines.

Availability of feeders for Siplace D, HF, HS, S und F series machines

AdoptSMT is continuing to offer new Hover-Davis SSF feedes with 2 years warranty. These Feeders are fully compatible with Siplace machines while these electronic feeders offer great advantages in handling, tolerances, maintenance and yield with poorly taped components.

Automatic Placement of High Temp Labels

AdoptSMT is the Nortec and Hover-Davis distributor in many European markets. Nortec´s high temp Polyimide Labels work perfectly together with the Hover-Davis Axium Media Presenter. AdoptSMT can offer complete solutions with minimal investment. The media presenters are available for different brand pick and place machines and eliminate the need for a separate machine for labelling or laser marking.

 AdoptSMT supplies consumables, spare parts and tools for the PCB assembly process, for repair soldering and for industrial identification. For the PCB assembly industry also service and overhauled equipment are offered. AdoptSMT Europe GmbH was founded in 1991 by Erhard Hofmann in Salzburg, Austria, and since then expanded Europe-Wide.

Today they include the HQ in Austria with more than 4000 m²; AdoptSMT Germany GmbH with 2000 m² specialising in Siplace overhaul and service; AdoptSMT Polska Spółka z.o.o. with a small Siplace and feeder service facility; AdoptSMT UK Ltd in Redhill, Surrey; AdoptSMT Swiss AG and AdoptSMT France Sarl with sales offices. More than 85 people are employed by the six group companies. For more information please see



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