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BlueRing Stencils

BlueRing Stencils is a full service stencil manufacturer committed to supplying the most advanced stencil printing technologies in the circuit board assembly industry. We offer on-time delivery of high quality laser cut stencils.

Lumberton, New Jersey, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material

  • Phone 1-866-763-3873

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Fine Line Stencil and Metal Etching Technology Announce Merger

Jul 14, 2017 | Lumberton, NJ - Fine Line Stencil (FLS) and Metal Etching Technology (MET) Associates announce they are merging. The new company will be known as BlueRing Stencils. BlueRing Stencils will maintain 8 manufacturing locations across the USA (TX, NJ, NH, CA, FL, IN, MN & NC). Fred Cox of MET has been appointed President of BlueRing Stencils. Mr. Cox said, “We look forward to providing improved technology and greater service to all of our stencil customers. Our combined companies will allow us to offer the latest innovations in SMT stencil printing.”

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