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STATS ChipPAC is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services to global customers in the communication, consumer and computing markets.

Fremont, California, USA


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Fine Pitch Cu Pillar with Bond on Lead (BOL) Assembly Challenges for High Performance Flip Chip Package

Jan 17, 2018 | Nokibul Islam, Vinayak Pandey, KyungOe Kim

Fine pitch copper (Cu) Pillar bump has been growing adoption in high performance and low-cost flip chip packages. Higher input/output (I/O) density and very fine pitch requirements are driving very small feature sizes such as small bump on a narrow pad or bond-on-lead (BOL) interconnection, while higher performance requirements are driving increased current densities, thus assembling such packages using a standard mass reflow (MR) process and maintaining its performance is a real and serious challenge. (...)

In this study a comprehensive finding on the assembly challenges, package design, and reliability data will be published.

Originally published in the SMTA International 2016...

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