Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles

Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles

Papers and articles related to SMT, PCB & EMS industry.

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812 SMT / PCB Technical Articles

Evaluating Soldering Irons for Lead Free Assembly -A Quantitative Approach

Sep 06, 2006 | Purnanand G. Samant, Srikanth Poranki, & Daryl Santos, Ph.D,

Transition to lead free solder stations in electronics packaging has raised issues regarding process, metallurgy and reliability m assemblies. In regards to soldering, lead has been used for thousands of years in a wide range of applications. Conventional eutectic or near eutectic tin-lead solder compositions have been used for virtually all soldering applications in electronics assembly for the last 50 years, In the electronics assembly process, a majority of commercial rework applications and some low density board assembly processes require hand soldering stations (...) This paper describes an attempt to quantify both qualitative and quantitative data that can aid in the evaluation of lead free soldering irons....

Publisher: T.J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

T.J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

A world-class institution, Binghamton University offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective and one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation.

Binghamton, New York, USA


Design For Test Considerations For PCB Design

Jul 14, 2006 | Zulki Khan, president and founder, Nexlogic, Inc.

The perennial question in electronics design and manufacture is: "How do I design a printed circuit board (PCB) so that it can be properly tested?" To achieve this objective, there are a number of design-for-test (DFT) considerations and techniques. Some are major, others, minor. However, the total contributes to a highly effective PCB design so that testing procedures applied to a given design result in high 90 percent plus test coverage....

Publisher: NexLogic Tech, Inc.

NexLogic Tech, Inc.

Nexlogic is a premier provider for all PCB Design, PCB Layout, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, Contract Manufacturing and RoHS and Lead Free (Pb- Free) compliant services.

San Jose, California, USA

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Assembly, Design, Repair/Rework, Contract Manufacturer

Testing To Eliminate Reliability Defects From Electronic Packages

Jun 29, 2006 | Irving Memis, Consultant, Endicott Interconnect Technologies

Electronic Packaging is a critical part of all electronic devices and can be a source of the reliability problems experienced by systems using those devices. In many cases, the packaging defects are intermittent in nature and difficult to detect. This paper describes a tester that has been used for 20 years on commercial products and has proven to be extremely effective in detecting these defects prior to component assembly....

Publisher: i3 Electronics

i3 Electronics

A world leader in high-performance PCB fabrication & assembly, semiconductor packaging, systems integration & test, advanced laboratory services and contract R&D.

Endicott, New York, USA

Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Assembly, Component Packaging, Contract Manufacturer

Wave Solder Parameter Chart

May 13, 2006 | Kantesh Doss

This Excel Spreadsheet calculates the Wave Solder Contact Time automatically with given main Solder Wave width and Conveyor Speed. There is one chart where conveyor speed is expressed in meters/min and in another where it is expressed in feet/minute....

Publisher: Jabil Circuit, Inc.

Jabil Circuit, Inc.

An electronic product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, manufacturing and product management services.

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Design, Service Provider

You, too, can do 0402!

May 16, 2005 | Bill Shaw, Articulation LLC

Low cost techniques for building prototype and low volume SMT printed circuit boards....

Publisher: Articulation LLC

Articulation LLC

Manufacturer and distributor of a low-cost prototype SMT reflow oven controller.

Westbrook, Connecticut, USA

No-Residue Technology Chemistry and Physics

Sep 02, 2004 | Patrick O. Bruneel Technical Advisor - Interflux USA, Inc.

The main goal of this paper is to highlight the importance of interrelating the physics and the chemistry in wave soldering and soft soldering in general. Often we find the disciplines of chemistry and physics being analyzed distinct and separate. However in the quest for alternative ways for leading edge competitive and especially environmental friendly manufacturing, separating or ignoring this interrelationship is detrimental to the success of No-Residue soldering....

Publisher: Interflux USA, Inc.

Interflux USA, Inc.

Interflux USA, Inc. Mfg. and Distribution of high quality solders, fluxes and solder paste. Specialized in No-Residue soldering.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Cleaning, Repair/Rework, Soldering, Service Provider

Cost Analysis of Printed Circuit Boards

May 23, 2004 | By Gold Phoenix's North America Service and Tech Center

This is an article written by our company's experts to help our customers to make informed decision on PC boards purchasing. It introduces the materials that are used in the PCB manufacturing and the cost analysis of different materials....

Publisher: Gold Phoenix PCB Co, Ltd

Gold Phoenix PCB Co, Ltd

We are a PCB manufacturer located in China and right now we have set up our office in Ontario, Canada. We can produce high-quality PCBs up to 24 layers and we accept orders for prototypes as well as large volumes, both with very competitive prices.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Components, Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Contract Manufacturer

0201 Placement - Only With The Right Team and Tools!

Sep 17, 2003 | P.Gerits / A.Mandos

It appears very logical that the successor of the 0402 size SMD would be the 0201. Curves showing the life-cycle of a body size, from introduction to most used to only for special cases, are very similar for the 1206, 0805, 0603 and 0402. So there is reason to expect that the same will happen with the 0201. Until now there is only little evidence for this, but most technologies come later than expected but faster than expected!...

Publisher: Assembléon


Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

LA VELDHOVEN, Netherlands

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

Tutorial: How to Select the Best Stencil for SMT and Advanced IC Package Printing

May 05, 2003 | By Alden Johnson, Cookson Electronics Equipment, Franklin,Mass.

The stencil selection process can be confusing, particularly when creating a stencil for a new application. This tutorial, which covers stencils for SMT and advanced IC packaging applications, offers guidelines to assist users in stencil selection and print optimization....

Publisher: Cookson Electronics

Cookson Electronics

Leading materials science company that provides high performance materials, chemistry and technology solutions to the electronics and surface finishing industries worldwide.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material

Equipment Impacts of Lead Free Wave Soldering

Apr 18, 2003 | Jim Morris, Advanced Development Manager, Cookson Electronics Equipment & Matthew J. O'Keefe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Missouri

The popular tin (Sn) rich lead free solders are causing severe corrosion to many of the materials used in today's Wave Solder systems. Users are experiencing higher maintenance frequency and reduced life of wave solder machine components. This paper describes the effects of Sn rich solders in contact with various materials and discusses alternate methods to alleviate this problem....

Publisher: Cookson Electronics

Cookson Electronics

Leading materials science company that provides high performance materials, chemistry and technology solutions to the electronics and surface finishing industries worldwide.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material

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