Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles

Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles

Papers and articles related to SMT, PCB & EMS industry.

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812 SMT / PCB Technical Articles

Best and Simplest Recovery Solution for Missing Data

Sep 26, 2011 | USB Recovery

How to repair flash drive documents when missing due to malicious software installations? Company presents drive recovery software to restore digital files and compressed folders from accidently formatted usb removable media drives....

Publisher: USB Drive Recovery

USB Drive Recovery

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City, California, USA

Software Manufacturer

Thermal Spot Curing of Adhesives with Photonic Energy; a novel fiber delivery method of radiant heating to accelerate the polymerization of thermally active adhesives

Sep 22, 2011 | Ruben Burga, Dr. Mohammed Saad

The remainder of this paper will deal with the adhesive cure mechanism most often found in the microelectronics industry; the thermal activation and cure of adhesives that are most commonly based on epoxy backbones. The use of heat is already prevalent in the microelectronics industry as most printed circuit board assemblies use some element of this thermal energy (reflow ovens for example) during the component soldering and assembly stage or during their burn-in stage (convection ovens)....

Publisher: IRphotonics


IRphotonics is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Infrared-based materials and systems.

Hamden, Connecticut, USA


Near Term Solutions For 3D Packaging Of High Performance DRAM

Sep 15, 2011 | Vern Solberg, Wael Zohni

The revolution in performance driven electronic systems continues to challenge the IC packaging industry. To enable the new generations of processors to reach their performance potential many manufacturers have developed interface formats to enable greater memory bandwidth. To ensure that the memory functions are able to support the increased signal speed, package developers are relying more and more on innovative 3D package assembly techniques and process refinement....

Publisher: Invensas Corporation

Invensas Corporation

Invensas is focused on the development of cutting-edge enabling technologies in advanced semiconductor packaging for advanced mobility and storage products.

San Jose, California, USA


Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Bonding - A High Quality Interconnection Technique

Sep 08, 2011 | Miyachi Europe GmbH

Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Bonding is an interconnection technique mostly used for connecting displays to pcb’s using anisotropic conductive adhesive and flex foils. For successful implementation there are a few basic constraints. If these are followed, display connection is a simple and reliable process, giving top quality connections. Heat-Sealing can be done in any factory and can be introduced in a few months, from start of design to mass productions...



MIYACHI Europe Corporation is part of the Miyachi Group and provides proven technologies with a long tradition as market leader in micro-connection also well-known as PECO, EAPRO and UNITEK.

Puchheim, Germany


Manufacturers Use Technology to Help Weather the Economic Downturn.

Sep 02, 2011 | Alison Falco, president; Dynamic Systems Inc.

Too often the manufacturers will implement technology for financial reporting purposes but overlook efficiencies that can generate cash flow and reduce costs on the manufacturing floor. Accurate information that provides a business owner or manager the ability to make immediate decisions about his/her operation resulting in a boost to profitability is crucial during an economic downturn. If revenue is down and the market mood does not permit price increases, then profitability can only be realized by reducing costs. So you must ask yourself "What prevents me from 100% efficiency?"...

Publisher: Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Barcode Data Collection Systems includes Inventory, Job Costing, Tool Management, Time Clock, Document Tracking http://www.a-barcode.com/solutions/?gallerytag=i-manufacturing

Redmond, Washington, USA

Software Manufacturer


Sep 01, 2011 | Harold Hyman

Scavenging, Site Dressing, Residual Solder Removal. What's in a name? "That which we call an onion, by any other name would smell as strong" (apologies to the immortal bard). And, regardless of the name you give it, the objective is the same, namely the clean up of remaining solder after a component (particularly a BGA) or R.F. Shield has been removed from a PCB. This paper will describe the various methods that are available and discuss their pros and cons....

Publisher: VJ Electronix

VJ Electronix

Rework and X-ray Inspection solutions for a variety of applications. VJ integrates proven industrial X-ray expertise with advanced SRT automation and NIS X-ray electronics inspection expertise.

Bohemia, New York, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Assembly, Inspection, Repair/Rework, Soldering

Alternative Pb-Free Alloys

Aug 25, 2011 | Dr. Randy Schueller

While SnAgCu (SAC) alloys still dominate Pb-free selection in North America, especially Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu (SAC305), there are alternative material systems available. Any OEM that is concerned about the high reflow temperatures of SAC or relies on ODM, it is im...

Publisher: DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions has world-renowned expertise in applying the science of Reliability Physics to electrical and electronics technologies, and is a leading provider of quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) research and consulting for the electronics industry.

College Park, Maryland, USA

Service Provider

Technical Considerations for Controlling ESD in Electronics Manufacturing

Aug 18, 2011 | Microscan

Overview of ESD, Associated Risks and Prevention Measures...

Publisher: Microscan


Microscan focuses on technologies of automatic identification, machine vision, and illumination with application solutions ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, gauging, and measurement.

Renton, Washington, USA


Detection of Bare PCB Defects by Image Subtraction Method using Machine Vision

Aug 11, 2011 | Ajay Pal Singh Chauhan, Sharat Chandra Bhardwaj

(Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2011) A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) consists of circuit with electronic components mounted on surface. There are three main steps involved in manufacturing process, where the inspection of PCB is necessar...

Publisher: Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET)

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET)

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology is an autonomous body, fully funded by Government of India and controlled by SLIET Society.

Distt. Sangrur, Punjab, India


SMT Line Improvements for High Mix, Low Volume Electronics Manufacturing

Aug 04, 2011 | William Edward Swaim

This work covers two major projects aimed at increasing quality and efficiency on a high mix, low volume surface mount electronics production line. Specifically the installation of a ten zone reflow oven and an enhanced changeover method for SMT pick and ...

Publisher: Auburn University

Auburn University

Auburn University is a comprehensive land-grant institution with primary missions including instruction, research, and extension/outreach.

Auburn, Alabama, USA


Reflow Ovens thermal process improvement

PCB Buffers