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01005 Qualifications - Lead Free

Jan 24, 2014 | defined pads, which confines the amount of flux spreading * Increasing the ramp rate (1-1.5°C/second) allows the flux solvent to volatize quickly, increasing the flux viscosity and lowering its ability to “run-away”.

Solder beads and wave soldering

Jul 10, 2006 | Solder beads and wave soldering You are right, RSS profile is not the correct description. I am using a profile which heats up quickly to let the flux spread. Next linear up to activate the flux and prevent thermoshock. My experience is however, that small changes in this profile do make a big

SIR Testing

Jul 4, 2006 | SIR Testing Calling for an input from the Experts our there. Our customer is questioning the cleanliness of the no-clean product that we produced for them. We were asked to clean the board (localised cleaning) after rework (IC need to be changed due to an up rev.). Excessive touch up flux spreaded

Wavesoldering Defect

Sep 28, 2004 | chip wave coverage area, parrelism, and delta wave coverage area, parrelism. Adjust all those parameters until you get what you want and that should solve your problem. Regards, VS

Electromigration Testing

Jun 28, 2004 | the raw flux spreads across the board, under components

Part sliding in reflow?

Apr 18, 2001 | under the belly and moved the part as the flux spread. We eventually fixed the problem by changing the part. Good Luck

Selective Solder Wetted Nozzles

conformal coating software