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PCB Gold Pad Corrosion.

May 15, 2017 | work itself all the way through the EN layer (example - Finally, if the contamination is bad enough and involves halides left behind from assembly, then surface ECM can occur as well (example

Dendritic Growth

Mar 23, 2015 | -clean" (more appropriately called low-residues) combined with residues from board fabrication, component fabracation, and the assembly process can combine with moisture (even humidity caused moisture) and electrical current to create ECM issues including dendritic growth and parceedic leakage. The best way to ensure ECM issues can not form is to remove the residues that cause ECM. Here's a link to a recorded technical presentation on modern ECM issues. It's about an hour long so clear your schedule :-) Mike Konrad

Used SMT Equipment Market Price

Aug 2, 2012 | Magnolia, TX 77354; (800) 353-6942 (281)259-9660 F(281)259-8863 * Equipment

Amistar Feeders

Dec 9, 2011 | 318 Corporate Woods Dr, Magnolia, TX 77354; (800

Fume extractors

Oct 27, 2011 | 318

Juki vibratory stick feeders

Oct 26, 2011 | 318 Corporate

Juki vibratory stick feeders

Oct 25, 2011 | 318 Corporate Woods Drive, Magnolia, Texas 77354

Where can you buy Juki Belt Feeders?

Oct 25, 2011 | 318 Corporate Woods Drive, Magnolia, Texas 77354

Jul 18, 2011 | -363-0800 fx: 815-363-0809 mb: 847-651-6562 Nevin Jenkins ECM Equipment Sales Inc. Ph. 352-302-8100

IPC J STD 004B Reliability tests

Dec 20, 2010 | IPC J STD 004B Reliability tests Test Resistance to ECM shall be 65C +- 2C @ 88.5% +- 3.5% All SIR Measurements shall not exceed 100 MOhm. I am not sure of voltage.

Reflow oven recommendation

Dec 3, 2010 | distributer from EPM-IBL of Germanu ECM out of france Please lets use this thread for the pros/cons for the reflow types your looking at. Best, Danny

upgrading pnp

Feb 1, 2008 | to 200 boards top and we quite often build lots 25 to 50 maybe even less. We are constantly battling with tiny strips of parts and small bags of loose parts that are common to any small ecm. In the process of looking at machines the CEO has seemed to have fell in love with the idea of a Fuji CP7 series

Need a new Pick/Place. Recommendations?

Mar 24, 2007 | a lot of double sided designs with odd form parts. We have about 30 different designs we manufacture, and we run square Relatively inexpensive large tape feeders (16 and 24mm especially) and stick feeders Easy changeover Handles really tiny panels (.75" x 4" or smaller) It'd be nice if it was a common enough machine that it was easy to find feeders on the used market. That's a major problem with the ECM-93 (its a

Contract houses with vapor phase?

Jan 30, 2007 | Contract houses with vapor phase? I am in the mid-Atlantic US. I need to solder PCB's to a large copper heatsink. Does anyone know of local (or not so local) ECM's with vapor phase capabilities? How about induction? Thanks!

Manufacturers of "Benchtop" Vapor Phase Reflow Systems

Nov 10, 2004 | Manufacturers of ECM out of France has a nice system from what I have seen. thanks

ERSA scope?

Aug 22, 2001 | detecting. I would ask your local rep for a demo/evaluation unit. We took this road and ended up purchasing a machine due to the results we experienced. Good luck in your evaluation. Please send an email if you would like more specifics. Kevin Facinelli Director of Operations

Sn/Ag Terminations with Sn/Pb Solder

Jan 6, 2001 | materials won�t migrate given the chance. Electrochemical Migration (ECM). An unplanned electrolytic plating process. A film of polar solvent, often water, on a substrate surface provides a path for current flow between points with a difference in electrical potential. The process "grows" metal fingers

CM in Brazil

Sep 4, 2000 | Re: CM in Brazil We are an ECM located in southern Brazil specialized in low and medium volumes and high mix. We also do chassi assembly. You can reach us through the address above or phone 55 41 3334655 Our site is only in portuguese at the moment but it can give you an idea

Conductive Benchtops For Production/Inspection Areas

Sep 24, 1998 | unbelieveable ESD products ... ESD safe, FDA apptoved disposable hot cups; ESD safe elastic bands that will take 1000oF for 36 hours (why I need this, I don't know); silver ECM paints; and other stuff I can't figure-out ... Anyhow give them a try. TTYL Dave F

HeatShield Gel- thermal PCB shield during reflow

Precision Auger Dispense Pump