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How to choose a new solder paste

May 26, 2011 | magnification. Evaluate the number and size of solder balls that satellite the fillet (ideally there should be none). Residue Examination This particular test also allows for the opportunity to visually examine the residue of a noclean formulation. Since the alumina substrate is white, one can assess

Glue dispenser dor SMT line ( Glue process )

Jun 14, 2007 | we are working on Satellite receiver ie

Barcoding PCB's

Apr 29, 2007 | laser marking system [CO2][140 Satellite Blvd NE, Suite B1 Suwanee, GA 30024; 770-246-9706 F770-246-9866]

Problem with shielding component

Jan 9, 2007 | Problem with shielding component All, We have ran a few revisions of a New Product which is a tracking device using satellite navigation. The protos went well but now they have added a shielding can. We place 2 of these to cover the Frontend of the PCB. The test guys are having difficulty

Immersion Tin

Apr 20, 2006 | ENIG

The truth about lead-free and environment

Mar 24, 2006 | The truth about lead-free and environment I heard something interesting yesterday on American satellite radio news. Reebok has been making little Pb (WML, Pb is the chemical symbol for Lead) "ad-ons" to their children's shoes causing kids to swallow these things and die from Lead-Poisoning:

Solder Paste Evaluation

Jan 11, 2006 | � in diameter. After reflowing the substrate, take a look at the resulting fillet under 10X magnification. Evaluate the number and size of solder balls that satellite the fillet (ideally there should be none). Residue Examination This particular test also allows for the opportunity to visually examine

Air Bath Rework System

Dec 22, 2004 | and Satellite Set repair operations choose HOT AIR first. These companies repair several million boards per year at various locations where HOT AIR machines will be seen quietly, quickly and efficiently handling the load - keeping their uses ahead in their industry.

cellular phone assembly

Oct 10, 2004 | assembling the finished phones here in the United States.I am refering to the manufacture of CDMA/TDMA/GSM Satellite, VoIP and similar phones. What production diference, product to market and degree of economic feasibilness would this make? 2) I wish to establish a business partner relationship with you

Looking for Wave-Exit conveyor belt(ESD, heat dissipative, flux)

Dec 18, 2003 | Inc. (Affiliated Company) 305 Satellite Blvd P.O. Box 80507 USA-Suwanee, GA. 30024 Telefon: ++ 1-678-288 36 00 Fax: ++ 1-678-288 36 51 Videoconference: ++1- 678-546 34

TDK RX11 Satellite Password

Dec 10, 2003 | TDK RX11 Satellite Password TDK RX11 Satellite Password We have a SMT TDK line with a satellite computer. We have been unable to use the Satellite because we don't have a password to get into the system. Does anyone know of a default password for this? Thanks

BGA Rework

Apr 10, 2003 | every step of fabrication must be triple

Satellite shock mountings

Mar 17, 2003 | Satellite shock mountings Satellite shock mountings I didn't know what you're talking about. If I wanted to better understand / learn how to reduce the effects of shock and vibration on electronic assemblies, I'd contact: Dave S Steinberg Steinberg & Associates Work: 818-889-3636 E-Mail:

Satellite shock mountings

Feb 25, 2003 | Satellite shock mountings Satellite shock mountings I am working on a picosatellite and I have heard that surface mount technology works well. However, I don't have any details on this. Does anyone have any suggestions or project ideas that would work for shock mounting components inside of the satellite?

Flux residue effects on circuit performance?

Apr 29, 2002 | Flux residue effects on circuit performance? You can try using the brand-solvent "Genesolv 2004" in conjunction with a degreaser machine(source for own machine type?). this all helps to clean off the NC flux. we used it all integrated together, to clean a satellite modular card. reason we had

Adhesive Dispense Equipment

Oct 27, 2001 | the space is higher than on board level and strings are possible. Another possible defect is caused by so called satellites. When the glue dot is applied and the needle lifts up, the pile of glue will form an hour glass shape with one pile on the board and a drop hanging on the needle. We assume that the glue string breaks in the middle. But sometimes it breaks in two pieces with a small satellite in the middle. If you don�t allow for settling time and move the glue head to the next position the satellite or a small glue dot may land anywhere on the board. The process is very sensitive to temperature

0201 solder beading

Sep 21, 2001 | of homeplate and bowtie shapes, were tested for transfer efficiency and print to print uniformity. These designs are intended to reduce the amount of solder printed under the component to inhibit the formation of satellite solder balls in reflow. The effectiveness of such a strategy to reduce solder balling

Stencil Printing for 0201 Applications

Sep 17, 2001 | Stencil Printing for 0201 Applications Challenges: The basic defects that impact assembly yield are bridging, satellite solder balls, and opens (i.e. tombstones / draw bridges). There are many variables with the stencil printing process that can impact these; several of them are listed next. Web

Contract Manufacturer's warranty policy

Mar 21, 2001 | (Happy meal electronics or those athletic shoes that light up) may have strictly a functional warranty. If it works when it hits the customers dock you�re absolved from any other obligations. A class 3 may be more stringent (Satellites) and need a longer warranty time will be needed.3) The destination

Last Chance To See Mir

Jan 12, 2001 | Re: Last Chance To See Mir You can go to this page to find out when you can view MIR before it becomes a blazing projectile.

Thermal fatigue of solder joints

Oct 26, 2000 | Re: Thermal fatigue of solder joints I am not familiar with the "HALT" terminology. Do you mean HAST testing? As for thermal fatigue, the most severe conditions are typically those cited for military and/or satellite applications. There are several temperature ranges that are used today

solder balling

Aug 7, 2000 | so try your process

Reflow Profilers

Oct 27, 1998 | 10 hour shift. I utilize the furnaces host computers to run the Winkic software. I have also networked all these systems and created all the board files and droped them on a network directory. It take an average of 10 minutes to run a profile. We have also installed satellites on all of our furnaces to customers ...."How do we know that our profile is still accurate?" We don't. Any auditor worth his salt will argure that you can do nothing about the degredation of a furnace. Even properly maintained. The satellite places 30 thermocouples at board level. When you run a profile it draws a correlation betwee

reflow oven profiler

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