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Using isopropanol with DI water for rinsing after washing boards

Nov 11, 2011 | Using isopropanol with DI water for rinsing after washing boards Thanks guys, But for the cleaning process we already have a chemical product to clean flux residues and other contaminant. But it seems that we can't rinse properly under low stand-off components and we find trace of our chemical

PCB Surface Cleaner

Oct 31, 2011 | PCB Surface Cleaner We're not sure what a 'sticky roller' is, but will it: * Remove ionic materials * Leave no residue * Clean the walls of through holes and vias * Clean under low stand-off BGA and LGA

Clean to No Clean Process

Jul 14, 2010 | 't do well with low residue fluxes. If you find yourself in that situation, you will have some interesting choices to make. * The one time that it makes fairly inarguable sense to use low res flux is on boards with low stand-off components.

Cleaning under LCC's

Oct 17, 2006 | manufacturer cleaning agents especially for cleaning under low stand-offs. The high precision cleaning agents provided by companies such as Zestron, Petroferm, Kyzen do have the ability to fulfill your requirements. Since you mentioned that you are involved with Aerospace; it offcourse is much easier to change

Water Soluble for No Clean BGA Balls

Apr 13, 2004 | like some QFP and some BGA, washing OA improperly potentially is far more damaging than using NC

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux under BGA's

Mar 25, 2004 | etc, a required for low stand-off components, regardless of flux type, one should give greater consideration to the rinse cycle. With the right chemical, the correctly sized wash pump, strategically placed nozzles producing the right spray pattern, one will solubilize the flux. But what about the wash chemical

MLP (Micro Leadframe Package)

Apr 1, 2003 | MLP (Micro Leadframe Package) You're correct. There is no way you can aquous clean under a low stand-off part like a LGA. Your approach seems reasonable, given your constraints. [As long as your customer is paying, what the hey!!! Give 'em what they want.] Consider joining the 20th Century

BGA underfill necessary with conformal coat?

Mar 27, 2002 | BGA underfill necessary with conformal coat? There is two major BGA coating camps. * Camp #1: "We require the coating to be under low stand-off devices but with no filleting. So we apply a thinned dip coat first, and then top-off with a proper spray coat" * Camp #2: "We want no coating under

Need Expert Support

Mar 13, 2001 | in these areas after printing ? Look for adequate coverage/general paste deposit quality. What kind of paste was used ? The aqueous cleaning process (For water soluble pastes) can cause problems with residues left under BGA's. This is a component of a low stand-off height. No-clean flux chemistry is usually

washing BGA`s

Feb 11, 2000 | Re: washing BGA`s Your customers design and your process capability would determin this (W/S vs. noclean). EX. Can you clean adequately for low stand off components? I have some BGA products which operate at 20GHz (atenuation and cross-talk is off the charts. )No way is this Noclean compatible


Feb 10, 2000 | afford to clean my boards with Windex and a tooth brush. 2 Guy cleaning boards knows how much Windex soap is required to clean the flux and other residues from my board. 3 Guy with the tooth brush and Windex cleans flux residues from under low stand-off height components my board. 4 Guy cleans solder

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