Electronics Manufacturing Forum Printed circuit board assembly, surface mount technology and electronics manufacturing forum discussions from Wed, 10 Feb 2016 00:36:16 GMT Regarding BGA Pad Lifting I have pad lift issue during the rework on Motorola box DSR600 which has the fault of No log and No boot. Pad lifting pattern is on four corners. I have checked the temeprature difference between the corners which is sam as center. I have attached the profile picture and pad lifted pictures. If any body has any idea or sugestion, please let me know. Tue, 09 Feb 2016 17:11:14 GMT Flux splatter issues Hi, New to this forum. I am an engineer assigned to resolve a quality issue on our production line. It seems that we have been getting small droplets of flux on our boards after the reflow process. Occasionally, they land on a board to board connector and that can cause an open under certain conditions, even months or years later in the field. I ran a test with bare boards to verify that the problem was not a "global" problem. i.e. resident flux circulating in the oven itself. The splatter only occurs locally on the board. I read that the profile used for the ovens determines the amount of flux splatter that can occur. So we change that once to see what happens, but not much difference. However there is more work we can do there. We also noticed that this occurs on several of our lines, but the residue doesn't affect most of our products. Some say to put kapton tape on the connectors and remove it afterwards. However I can't see how you do this on a manufacturing line affectively. I have yet to find anyone that does this. Any thoughts or war stories would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg Mon, 08 Feb 2016 17:37:29 GMT Large Bare Board Loader +22" Any manufacturers offer an off the shelf vacuum type bare board loader that can handle boards 16"wide and 22"long? We're having issues with our de-stacker since these boards tend to come in warped. Mon, 08 Feb 2016 15:47:56 GMT Laser marking on white solder mask. Trying to find a laser marking machine. Thing is that most of my pcbs have white solder mask, so the when trying to read the 2D code is difficult due to the lack of contrast. Any idea? a different technology? regards Mon, 08 Feb 2016 15:46:15 GMT EKRA E4 protection fault error message Hello, Our EKRA E4 goes off-line after this error message: Application error: SCB16 caused a General Protection Fault in module SBCDRV.EXE at 0011:10DD. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? It is running Windows for workgroup 3.11 Mon, 08 Feb 2016 08:33:30 GMT Ekra E4 protection fault error message Mon, 08 Feb 2016 08:21:21 GMT Packers and Movers in India Developing Relocation Uncomplicated Shifting derived from one of location to another spot is really a really wearisome activity. 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We are looking at getting a Mycronic MY600 jet printer or an auto stencil printer. We do low volume, high mix, fast turnaround assembly. Can anyone share their experience with the MY600? Is there any competitors to the MY600 on the market? I'd appreciate your opinions on the jet printer vs. stencil printer but please no sales pitches. Thank you in advance. Fri, 05 Feb 2016 15:15:01 GMT MDC7722FV Hi, We purchased an MDC7722FV from MDC (same machine that Adafruit talks about it their blog: <a class=roll href="" target="_blank"> </a>) We would like to know if anyone still has such a machine or maybe has used a similar machine in the past so that maybe we can exchange some information about it (tips and tricks). That would be much appreciated. thank you very much, Martin Fri, 05 Feb 2016 11:03:46 GMT Accupro 8.6 default admin password The drive on my accuflex printer crashed before I could create an initial backup. I was able restore the software install files. Now I just need the default admin password. Thu, 04 Feb 2016 23:27:05 GMT Fuji CP3 CPU board's Led HALF lamp is on Hi Thanks, help me to fix this old CP3. It ran great till now, I have problem the CPU board's Led HALF on . When the machine boot fine . it is good about 3 minutes then the CPU board 's Led HALF in always on. Turn off then back on sometime it is showed " Memory 0008000 In_1 In_2 " . Sometime it is boot fine, but will get HALF led ON . Thanks for your help. Sony Thu, 04 Feb 2016 18:16:53 GMT Which AOI /SPI System is the Best? Viscom S3088; Koh Young 8030 or Parmi Xceed Hello to All, I have a question. We are currently under negotiation to buy a SPI/ 3D AOI as a bundle. Since there are so much of different companys, we took already 3 of them into the inner circle. What are your experiences whith these 3 Systems? I believe SPI's are all good, but which on is the best 3D AOI, regarding less false, 1st run, 2nd run success rate, mtbf and offline setup time? We want to install the system inline. But since we have normally small lots, we need especially flexibility. What's your opinion? Which system would be the best. Do you have seen any previous benchmark results of these 3 systems? Big thanks in advance for all your answers and help. Best Regards Paradoxson Thu, 04 Feb 2016 14:08:41 GMT 64 bits drivers HD POD600 Hello Everybody, does anybody know if there are 64 bits drivers available for the HD POD600 series? We are currently replacing our systems, and we need these drivers. Download link preferrable. Thu, 04 Feb 2016 10:32:57 GMT Manuals for Assembleon FCM-2 Dear All We are looking some Phillips Technician can do programming for FCM-2 equipment and we are looking the Programming manuals and maintenance manuals. Can somebody help us, or can give us support to give maintenance and programming to some FCM-2 equipment??? we are located in Mexicali BC Mexico. Regards Thu, 04 Feb 2016 04:35:35 GMT SM421 Vision problem Hello, We are currently having a problem with the output of the cameras in our SM421, the fault we are seeing is a flickering across only the 6 flycam cameras (this is causing SM vision to not correctly reference the parts) We have tried: Swapping the flycam I/O Swapping the vision I/O cleaning contacts and connectors relevant. the problem remains, fiducial cam and fixed cam do not have the same fault. Has anyone got any recommendations or seen anything similar? Regards Adam Wed, 03 Feb 2016 17:08:08 GMT Homebrew Stencil Printer Vision, Completed I completed the stencil printer vision project that I started a few weeks back to add a vision system to my Dek249 printer which did not have any vision. I used a cheap pc and two monitors, two dual-monitor brackets and two USB pen cameras, all aquired from ebay for as cheap as possible. I made up some brackets to mount the monitors and welded up an arm to mount the cameras on. I dedided to use a dual-mount monitor bracket and modify end-of-arm to fit my cameras; I may change this to two independednt single mounts that can be moved along the arm for more flexibility. Then I wrote a simple application that displays the video from the camera on the screen with the ability to capture and overlay a still image with a few filtering options. I find a negative image with red tint works best. The good news is the Dek249's plate returns home to the same postion each time. The subsequent boards are very easy to align with the images prior to printing so it turned out pretty well. If anyone wants the software I'll be happy to share it. Wed, 03 Feb 2016 15:40:08 GMT Ekra E-X series squeegees compatibility He everyone, We have an Ekra E5 screen printer which is really nice machine I think. Now I'm looking forward a new squeegees set. I don't know the E-series and the X-series can use both squeegees? Are the squeegee holder the same on this two machine? Wed, 03 Feb 2016 12:52:47 GMT QP242E - tray STU1 I have QP242E with two modules MFU-58. I need put tray unit STU1 to Modul2 but optimalization end with error. Module1 is alright. Setting Modul1 and Modul2 is same. Any advice ? Thanks Wed, 03 Feb 2016 03:49:56 GMT Siplace Nozzle Sleeves Two Questions. First, on an HS50 we found that the glass encoder on the back of one of the sleeve was fractured and fell off. I'm wondering if this is common with age or happened when the machine was shipped to us. Second, has anyone in the US purchased sleeves from the vendors in China and HK? How was the quality? Anyone know of a repair service? Mon, 01 Feb 2016 05:00:41 GMT SiPlace HS50 We recently purchased a used HS50 and we are trying to get it up and running. We are completely new to SiPlace and I have a few questions about terminology. Machine Computer, Station Computer, and Line Computer. There appear to be two computers in the HS50, one windows based and the other SBC VME computer, I'm assuming Unix or similar. Can someone tell me what is what and if they are located in the machine or external. The two computers do not appear to be connected, do they need to be connected via Ethernet cable? We can't seem to get past 'Software Booting...' we also get a server not found error. Thanks for any advice you can suggest. Mon, 01 Feb 2016 04:57:08 GMT Due to the imbalance of copper distribution between top and bottom side of PCB, may cause warpage? Due to the imbalance of copper distribution between top and bottom side of PCB, may cause war-page after reflow? Sat, 30 Jan 2016 16:42:32 GMT Isopropyl alcohol Does isopropyl alcohol have a shelf life? I have looked at many manufactures and have not found any publication of a TDS specifying shelf life, rather only a MSDS which does not include this info. Fri, 29 Jan 2016 19:35:31 GMT Tape moving on Feeder Hi, can somebody here experiencing tape movement on feeder without manually indexing specifically on chip size 1005? When teaching the machine to its center pick-up position, tape was slightly moving wherein unstable pick-up occur and mostly pick-up error. This is for electronic feeder type. thank you. Wed, 27 Jan 2016 22:03:14 GMT Questions about automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) machines. We do High Mix, Low Volume and are looking for the best inline AXI with the criteria of industry-leading automation capabilities. The abilities to program offline, automatic conveyor width adjustment and board alignment are important to us. We want to minimize time an operator spends at the machine and automate as much as we can. I am looking many machines and Viscom's X7056 AXI/AOI, TRI TR7600, Vitrox V810, and the Nordson Dage Xi3400 currently are the frontrunners. Also looking at machines by Apex, Glenbrook, Saki, and Scienscope. If you have any advice on choosing a machine or personally have experience with any of the machines mentioned, I would greatly appreciate your input. Also, I am wondering if 3D CT is really useful on an inline machine. It seems to me that 3D is more for debugging and failure analysis, which would be better done on a standalone machine to prevent a bottleneck in the line. Looking forward to your responses! Thanks in advance. :) Wed, 27 Jan 2016 17:32:51 GMT CAN'T OPEN ANC. invalid place position x Hi. Have a problem with a QSA 30 machine. show me a error at the end of set up program. CAN'T ANC OPEN and then show me on the next row message. invalid place position x. if anyone has any suggestions please tell me. Wed, 27 Jan 2016 08:39:07 GMT