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FINN Test offers a family of FINN LED sensors - providing fast & accurate solutions for all types of LEDs on any type of test platform - ICT, Functional,or stand alone. Also offers detector for orientation of polarized capacitors.

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Beginning with our first FINN LED sensor launch in 2000, we embarked on a journey to build a full line of sensors for automated LED testing. Today we continue to develop innovative product offerings that speak to our customers' specific test needs. Our  product focus provides solutions for all In-Circuit, Functional and stand-alone R&D test needs.

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FINN Test Electronics offers a full line of sensors for the automated verification of LED color and brightness developed for assemblies tested on In-Circuit (ICT) and Functional test fixtures. Customers spanning industries ranging from consumer electronics to medical, automotive, telecom and aerospace use our sensors when accuracy and speed of LED test are vital.

Marketed internationally under the FINN brand, we offer LED sensors to suit our customers wide scope of needs:

Mega FINN - is our fastest, most accurate sensor yet.

MEGA FINN Module - compact module for testing multiple LEDs - upt to 254 

FINN - for a low cost, simple, color specific, go-no go test set up

SMART FINN – a versatile, full-color and brightness sensor available in several configurations adaptable to your test set up.

Also check out Smart FINN Bright - specifically designed for bright LEDs - 100x brighter. Ultra FINN – our sleek, compact and durable sensor for fast and extremely accurate LED readings using Frequency and pulse width measurements

Personality FINN - works with every test platform and can be programmed to personalize your LED limits and outputs to your exact application

P-FINN – for detecting the orientation of polarized capacitors

For technical questions or quote requests please contact us at or by phone: 224-662-0383.

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