Manufacturer of printed circuit boards for adapted technological and innovative solutions

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

Founded in 1979 in Lorraine, in the centre of Europe, CIMULEC is the industrial partner of French and European customers of the military, aeronautics and microwave frequency sectors.

For more than 30 years, our commercial and technical teams have been assisting you in your projects and have been providing you with solutions adapted to your needs. Involved from the beginning of your project, CIMULEC assists you with its enormous experience in the industrialisation of your circuit boards.

We realize the following on a daily basis:

  • Multilayer printed circuit boards,
  • Flexible-rigid printed circuit boards ,
  • Hyper frequency printed circuit boards ,
  • High density circuit boards,
  • Special printed circuit boards (mix of various technologies and special demands).

Over 35 years of experience and proven quality allow us to deliver all types of printed circuit boards to even the most demanding customer on a daily basis.

CIMULEC Postings

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Development of a Consistent and Reliable Thermal Conductivity Measurement Method, Adapted to Typical Composite Materials Used in the PCB Industry

May 04, 2017 | François Lechleiter; Cimulec, Yves Jannot; Université de Lorraine

Most of today's printed circuit board base materials are anisotropic and it is not possible to use a simple method to measure thermal conductivity along the different axis, especially when a good accuracy is expected. Few base material suppliers' datasheet show X, Y and Z thermal conductivities. In most cases, a single value is given, moreover determined with a generic methodology, and not necessarily adapted to the reality of glass-reinforced composites with a strong anisotropy.

After reminding of the fundamentals in thermal science, this paper gives an overview of the state-of the art in terms of thermal conductivity measurement on PCB base materials, and some typical values. It finally proposes an innovative method called transient fin method, and associated test sample, to perform reliable and consistent in plane thermal conductivity measurement on anisotropic PCB base materials....

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