Shenzhen Zhi Honglai Trading Co.,Ltd

Our main business: Buy and sell new or used SMT FEEDERS and SPARE PARTS.

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Equipment Dealer / Broker

Shenzhen Zhi Honglai Trading will meet all your needs in the SMT / AI second-hand equipments and Accessories.

Main Business: 

  • Acquisition of the SMT / AI idle, abandoned equipment, according to customer needs provide the SMT / AI equipment. 
  • Buy and Sell new and used many kinds of feeders and Feeders Spare parts. we have many electroic feeders.
  • Repair and adjust kinds of feeders to avaliable .

Before we acquire equipment for resale, it is thoroughly inspected and tested in order to pass our rigorous acceptance standards. Whenever necessary, the equipment is reconditioned and refurbished by a certified factory technician. All equipment leaving our facilities is guaranteed to be fully functional, with no missing parts and in full working condition. We know that unless we provide you with reliable, quality used SMT equipment, we will not have your repeat businessthe key to our success.

If you have used SMT equipment you would like to sell, call us to discuss the many options available to you. We can either buy your equipment from you or arrange to sell it for you. Whether you are a small manufacturer selling one machine, or large multinational company selling whole factory lines from different locations throughout the world, we have the experience and expertise 
necessary to help you dispose of your equipment efficiently and cost-effectively. 

We stock Hitachi, Universal, Siplace, Fuji, Sanyo, JUKI, Yamaha, Panasonic, Assembloem, Samsung, Philips brands of the commonly used parts, such as feeders, nozzles, sensors, motors.

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universal gold plus feeders

universal genesis/fuzion high performace gold feeders from 8mm-88mm (Gold Plus Spliceable) 49889215 - 8 mm High Performance(Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7″ 50381214 - 8 mm High Performance (Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7″-13″...

Pick & Place

universal gold plus feeders

Hitachi feeders and spare parts

HITACHI GXH-1/GXH-3/SIGMA G5/G5S/F8 Feeders 4MM        GT-24040/GT-34040 8MM        GT-08080/GT-08081/GT-08082/GT-08083 8MM        GT-18080B/GT-18081B/GT-18082B/GT-18...

Component Programming

Hitachi feeders and spare parts

Universal feeders

We are Professional to buy and sell used universal Genesis / Advantis Gold / Green electric feeders: Universal Gold / Green double 8mm Universal Gold / Green single 8mm Universal Gold / Green 12mm Universal ...

Assembly Services

Universal feeders
bga rework stations

Smart Factory Starter Kit - KIC