Supply Concepts Inc.

Large Offshore Manufacturing Group Consisting of Over 30+ Factories Currently Producing Wire Harness & Cable Assy's, Power Cords, Transformers, Metals & Plastic Products for F500-100 OEM/CM customers

Contract Manufacturer

Supply Concepts Inc. (100% woman owned)

A world class manufacturing group of over 30+ Class A factories situated in low cost regions of the world, predominatley in Asia, carrying numerous certifications such as UL/CSA,HDMI, Bluetooth, Medical & Automotive, Environmental, etc. Projects are managed through our corporate Hub in NY which handles all quoting & engineering, quality control, logistical, and communication headaches associated of dealing with Asia. The majority of what we build for major OEM/CM customers is produced offshore in low cost regions of Asia however, we also have some US & Mexico based MFG facilities that we work with on customer localization projects but the bulk of our mass production is done offshore. Through SCI,  customers gain pricing access to an offshore group of 30+ factories that we are partnered with. We have structured our business model as such to provide customers with true alternate source capability coupled with 1 stop shopping which makes possible for further AVL reductions. With having over 150 projects ongoing at any given time for major OEM / CM / MRO & Retail customers, we have a tremendous amount of price negotiation leverage when quoting new projects. Anything items or Sub Assy's that customers are currently having produced in any other region other than Asia, we are going to be significantly cheaper while still maintaining outstanding product quality & integrity.

SMT Replacement Nozzles