Sierra Assembly Technology Inc.

Sierra Assembly Technology Inc. is a leading PCB assembly, PCB design, PCB prototyping, quick turn assembly, box build assembly, cable/ wire harness providing company based in Fontana, CA.

Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Assembly, Design, Turnkey

Through their services, they help companies and individuals take collaborative steps in the direction of growth. Their products can be streamlined with various logistic and supply chain systems to ensure on time delivery. They also utilize these services to keep their costs, designs, and turnaround time competitive.

Their comprehensive list of services includes manufacturing prototypes and quickturn PCBs, and providing PCB design, BGA and SMT assembly, and PCB assembly services. In addition, they also provide various maintenance and repair services. Their clients are provided with various options allowing them to customize their PCBs. As a Sierra client, you can opt for different methods of component mounting, variety of conformal coating options, and various materials for the main mounting board.

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PCB Assembly and Production

At Sierra Assembly Technology Inc., we ensure printed circuit board assembly that is efficiently produced and quality tested upon completion. We offer lead-free/RoHS compliant production capabilities, thorough knowledge of surface mount technology, a...

Assembly Services

PCB Assembly and Production

Custom Conformal Coating Services

We provide customized coating services to ensure that the coating meets your specific assembly requirements. Our customers can expect: Full Range of Coatings: Full Range of Applicatio...

Coating Equipment

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Customized Cable, Wire and Harness Assembly Services All our prospective customers can take advantage of the following cable and wire harness assembly services provided by us: Prototype development...

Assembly Services

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Box Build Assembly

Sierra Assembly’s Box Build Assembly Services We provide the following types of box build assembly services: Product Assembly Sub-level Product Assembly System Level Assembly

Assembly Services

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PCB Conformal Coatings Guide - II

Oct 07, 2016 | Sierra Assembly

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of conformal coatings, materials used for coatings, and methods of application. In this post, we shall look at various conformal coating curing methods, and analyze their immediate benefits. ...


Sep 06, 2016 | Sierra Assembly

Printed circuit boards are the base of electronic products in a variety of consumer and industrial applications. New PCBs always perform well. However, their performance will deteriorate with time due to exposure to different environmental conditions like condensation, moisture, contamination of the iconic material on the surface, dust and dirt, mildew, alpha particles, etc. To avoid these problems, PCBs are protected with conformal coatings. Let’s see how this is done, and how they protect PCB components....

Reflow Oven

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